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Fluff and stuff...


Fluff and stuff...

Ok, here it is...

A short (or maybe not so short) and sweet blog post with lots of FLUFF!

I know you're probably rolling your eyes at all my long and deeply emotional blog posts lately... So I thought I'd share some pictures from our Spring Break in Michigan!

The day after Easter Sunday Rebecca and I got on an airplane to visit friends and family in Holland, Michigan.  We know, we know... that's not a typical place you go for a nice warm Spring Break.  But coming from So. Cal where it's sunny 362 days a year, (seriously it probably is) it was exciting to us to get some actual WEATHER.  And boy did we!

So we bundled up in are parka's (while they are practically in their shorts by now :P)

And we prayed for SNOW!

It didn't come at first... just lots of rain.  A little sun, but lots of rain.

But then two days before we were going home we were driving in the car and the rain wasn't coming down so fast... and it was looking really SLOW... and it was kind of plopping down on the windshield... and we asked ourselves, "Is that SNOW?"  

Now two So Cal girls in Michigan were probably the ONLY two people in Michigan that were screaming of excitement in the car when we realized it was SNOW!!!


So yes, you Michiganite's... you can thank us for the snow storm (that lasted for days even after we left) because we prayed for that!  


Question to those who live in the snow though...

What do you do about your hair in the snow?  Do you use an umbrella?  Do you put on a hat?  Do you just look goofy like we did with snow clumping onto our hair?? These are things we don't know about... lol

Anyways, we had a GREAT time with family and friends and it was so great for Rebecca to have some time with one of her best friends and just have fun.  With all that's been going on in her Junior year (I guess the work load is the hardest this year as well) she just needed to get away.  And what a blessing for her to have friends all over the globe!  (Megan, next time you're coming to So Cal girl!)

My girls has been a part of my brothers SERVE project at his church for over 6 years.  It's been such a great opportunity for the girls to serve others and get involved in the community there. (Victoria was involved before Rebecca and even Isabella has pitched in)  They have all loved the experience, have made so many friends and have grown so much stronger in their own faith through this.  I highly encourage you to get your kids out there and serve others!  This project my brother has done for so many years not only gave them a chance to serve others, but also to get outside of their own little bubble of life here in So Cal.   They had to meet all new people and interact with them.  That's not easy for Junior High aged girls!  This project starts when you are going into 7th grade and my girls were NERVOUS to come in to a situation where they knew NO ONE except their Uncle and they were jumping into a group that already knew each other for years and years!  So they had to do hard things (love the book by that title btw) and learn how to fit in, and they got to meet the most amazing lady, Jolene Deheer who has SUCH a heart for middle school kids!  This lady is transforming lives and I am SO blessed to call her my friend.  I love this lady dearly and if you ever have a chance to hear her talk, GO!  She speaks all over the country and she is an instrument of God, believe me.

So we loved our time with all of them that week and we already miss them.  But we are so thankful for these types of opportunities!  

These two nieces LOVE their Rebecca!!  She got so many morning snuggles, game times and tickles and lots and lots of hugs! 

We got to go to the Benjamin's Hope farm and meet this amazing group of people and see what the Lord is doing through them.  If you live in the area, stop by and say Hi and see what the lady who started this is doing, and pitch in!  Such a great place for people living with autism.  Her dream to open this place has been such a blessing to so many people.  One of the young men came up to us and hugged us and just wanted to pray for us!  Such a great day.  They were SO excited when my brother brought by their new van for them! (He's the baldy in the front... sorry bro)

My love of red barns was definitely fulfilled on this trip.  :)

We also got a chance to tour one of Rebecca's top college picks, Hope College:

It is one of the most beautiful campuses in the country and she has wanted to go here since she was in middle school!  But I think it fell to the bottom of the list after the tour this time, but that's for another blog post some day...

We did a little shopping too...  Come on, it's not technically a true "girls trip" if you don't, right?  And this darling shop was about the greatest shop ever!!  It goes by that name above and it's actually the shop owners REAL name!  The bottom floor is a beautiful boutique and upstairs is a DREAMY bridal boutique!!  Sooooo lovey, I wish I could have taken Victoria with us!

And we also enjoyed all our favorite foods!  I won't show you all the gluttony we indulged in... but let's just say we hit every stop of the list of "Must eats" in Holland, Michigan! (including Chicago style deep dish pizza... my weakness) 

And how can you go to HOLLAND and not indulge in your Dutch heritage??

Such a great week! Encourage those types of encounters and friendships for your kids.  There is so much stuff thrown at them these days...  If they find godly friends to talk with and share anything with, if there are men and women who can be mentors for them, or family that loves them and will talk for hours with them about their lives... That's what matters and that's what we want to encourage them to seek after.


Have a GREAT week everyone!