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Oh boy{s}...


Oh boy{s}...

This is going to seem like a miss-matched rambling today and for that I will apologize up front.

There are so many random thoughts in my head, but as I try to put them together I am thinking they are not so random after all...

A LOT of changes are going on in our lives right now and I realize yet again that life never stays the same.  Sometimes we think we just go day by day with the same things but if you look around and reflect, I think you will see the changes can be quite drastic.  

Some of those changes are because we have three daughters and life never sits still with that!  hahaha   

Another change I posted about last time on the blog... which is that Victoria is leaving this week to serve in Austria with Dany.  She will be there for the next six months and that is a big change for us!  We will miss her dearly, but we are so proud of her and the direction she is going in.


Yet another change actually reminds me of a blog post I did a few years back on my old blog... about BOYS.  Yes, I wrote a blog post TO the boys that will be in our daughters' lives.  Which is funny because I just saw on FB that a lady wrote an open letter to the future husbands of her daughters and I LOVED it!  It reminded me so much of my blog post and I wanted to find it back, but I can't.  (If anyone can find it for me I would LOVE that, my old blog was at )

But read this one I found on FB this weekend because it's similar to what I said:

I was hoping to look back on mine and see when I wrote it and what I would think about my thoughts back then now.  I'm pretty sure I would feel the same way even though those words were probably written when Victoria was still in High School, Rebecca was in Junior High and so Isabella would have been in Elementary school?!  

But I've had time to see their lives unfold and see them go through things and I think maybe it's time for another post to the boys out there that will be in our daughters's lives.  And to my daughters as well...  So listen up boys and girls:

First off, we have prayed for our daughters' future husbands since they were born.  So just know, we are praying for YOU.  I remember being in the hospital with Lance after Victoria was born and him praying over her and already praying for her future husband.  (cue the tears...) It's been so fun to see that we were praying for a little boy running around a village in Italy for Victoria and we had no idea!  And how AMAZING is that?  That the Lord gave us a heart for Italy and years later he brought a boy from there into Victoria's life through such an amazing way... That's so crazy good!  (1 down, 2 to go... lol)

So BOYS, let me ask you... are your praying for YOUR future wife?  If not, start now.

We are praying you will find our girls to be the Godly women YOU are praying for. We are praying for you and that you are being raised in loving Christ centered homes so you will know how to love OUR girls.  We are praying for you to make good decisions in your lives and that you will go down the right paths to finding our daughters.  And we are praying that you know you are already loved by this family too. <3  

I also want you to know that life is not perfect.  Everyone makes mistakes. (cue my best Miley Cyrus voice :)  You probably already know that but it's worth reminding you... 

I love this quote:

"The true measure of a man is not in his mistakes, but in what he learns from them."

(of course it can be applied to girls as well, but I'm talking to you right now)

Like I quoted above in the Miley Cyrus song... We ALL make mistakes.  Life is full of them.  We are NOT perfect.  You will make the wrong choices.  You will probably break a girls heart. You will have regret. You may go down a path that you aren't supposed to be on. (or the Lord may "correct" a path that you aren't ready for) And I may want to punch you in the face or tell you off because I don't want to see my daughters in pain.  (I'm sorry, but those thoughts have crossed my mind a time or two...) But I pray you will learn from your mistakes and you grow from them and that Lord willing, you don't make them again.  And I will give you Grace just as the Lord wants all of us to do.

Here's what our Pastor likes to tease us and say:  "But cheer up,  for you WILL have struggles in your life!"  It's not an "if" it's a "when" you will have struggles.  We are not perfect people.  "We all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" Romans 3:23.   That's why God sent His son.  Not to die for perfect people, but for all of us IMPERFECT people!  And when He did this for us, did He do it so we could feel bad about our selves and keep carrying our burdens?  Not a chance!  He did that so we could have JOY and PEACE, that we could know how much He LOVES US and how VALUABLE we are to Him! And He set us FREE from our "mess ups" and He remembers them no more!  He wants us to lay them down at His feet and let them go.  (That's another blog post below I wrote on Thanksgiving morning if you want to check it out)  And He also wants us to tell of His love and FREE gift of salvation to a hurting world. 

So remember this BOYS:  Our girls ARE pretty awesome and yes I'm fully aware of my bias, BUT... they aren't perfect.  Don't ever put them on a pedestal because only the Lord needs to be there.  They will fall and make mistakes just like you.  So just love our girls, treasure our girls and pray for our girls, but don't elevate them to where only the Lord should be in your lives.

Here's something else I want you to remember BOYS:

The Lord loves you so much that He designed a "helpmate" for you!  Someone to go through life with, to share love and joy with, and also to go through the pain and sorrows in life with.  It is such a blessing to know that God has a helpmate for each of our daughters! To know that someone will be there with them, on their side praying for them, caring about them... and fighting the enemy with them!  Yes, the enemy wants to attack a Christ centered relationship so know that you will have those struggles.  Think about it.  If both of you are putting Christ first, the enemy is NOT going to like that and he's going to want to tear that apart.  So fight for our girls! You will have many choices in all kinds of girls out there... but  if you feel the Lord has given you a special connection with one of our daughters, that's a blessing from the Lord and not something that comes around every day... so fight for that relationship and pray for the Lords protection over that relationship.  Relationships are not easy and just like anything else in life, they take effort.  Remember the saying "Anything worth having is worthy working hard for"...  Because it's an amazing gift to have someone that will always be by your side and you don't want to loose that!  Someone helping you through things, praying with you and for you,  laughing with you through things, (we love to laugh... a LOT) and being a little crazy with you (cuz our girls ARE a bit crazy and are looking for someone to "get" their kind of  So, don't be afraid to look for your helpmate as you are looking for your future wife!  We have always encouraged our girls to look for that and to BE that for their future husband.

And just a little side note to all you boys out there who will be interested in our daughters... (the two that are eligible...:) They have had an AMAZING example of a Godly man in their dad, AND in Dany Ferrara, Victoria's Fiance.  He is what we have been praying for, for years, and just know that Rebecca and Isabella have a saying "I'm going to wait until I find MY Dany!"  So maybe you should go read my blog post from last December about Victoria and Dany's relationship for some helpful tips.  I need to remind you again though... no-one is perfect and neither are these guys, so don't think I am putting them on any pedestal either.

And here's me and their dad... after almost 27 years!  Rebecca took this and put it on her IG last month and here's what she wrote:  "I'm so in love with how much my parents love each other.  26 years of marriage and still not a day goes by that I don't hear my mom and dad say they love each other."  awww... Thanks Rebecca! xoxo

That's what we pray for our girls to have too!

But lastly boys and girls...

You are still young! You have much more growing up to do.  Now is the time for you to really be seeking the Lords will for your future with NO distractions (i.e. dating).  Find out what He wants you to do with your life and then run towards that!  Then the Lord will show you when you are ready for that "helpmate of your dreams" to be revealed to you.

Here's another quote I saw on Focus on the Family:

"God always gives His BEST to those that leave the CHOICES to Him."

Be open to letting the Lord show you what His best is for you because that will ALWAYS be more amazing then you can ever dream up on your own!  Don't you want that??  Just TRUST the Lord with all your heart and it will happen!

I have NO idea if you'll ever find your way to THIS blog post, and if you read it all the way to the end, I commend you! :)

But if you do find your way to this,  I know the Lord directed you right here so...

Nice to meet you.


Laura (a mom of three girls, but one is already taken :)