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Love, Tuesday...


Love, Tuesday...

It's been a week since Rebecca and I got home from our time in France and Italy.  Here's a little bit about our time there and some photos from our trip on this Love, Tuesday...

We went on this trip was for two purposes.  I'll share the first purpose this time and later this week I'll share about the other reason.

Rebecca and I met up with two ladies this last spring in San Diego that live in France.  We were put in contact with them through a lady that contacted me via this website a couple years ago and is actually now going to teach with me next summer in Bellagio!  We are so thankful for these beautiful connections God places in our lives and know that there is a reason for every one of these connections.  We talked and connected and became fast friends that night in San Diego, and decided it would be fun if I would come to France and teach a class to a group of ladies they meet with every other week.  They started a group called the "Wisdom Cafe" for anyone that is interested in joining that live on the French Riviera and have really seen God working in beautiful ways.  So of course I needed my helper, Rebecca... and were off on a plane to France in the beautiful fall!


The ladies hosted us in this quaint little village of Valbonne, France in this adorable little hotel!  The weather was PERFECT.  We enjoyed that first evening just strolling through the beautiful cobblestone streets and delighted in the quiet pace of this beautiful place.  There was a definite Italian influence in this town that we noticed though and they said it was because at some point in time it WAS part of Italy!


The next morning we had a lovely breakfast in the town square and then headed to the home of one of the ladies who would be hosting the "Wisdom Cafe" that day.


This very French style home is the home of Roger and Sarah, who have been living in France for 12 years now.  How can it get any cuter than this?

On a side note: One really cool thing about Roger & Sarah... they lived in Colorado for 16 years!  It was so neat to have a conversation about what we are seeing the Lord do in our lives in moving us to Colorado and hear their story of their time there as well.  This actually happened three separate times on our trip and I'll share the other two times in my next post. 


We set up our class kits and then started welcoming all the ladies who were arriving.  Wow, they were beautiful ladies!  We found out that there were 9 different countries represented in the group that day and they all had amazing stories of how they came to live in the South of France.  We enjoyed a beautiful lunch that Cy and Sarah prepared and we took some time to talk with each lady throughout the day and hear their beautiful accents from all over the world!


The "Wisdom Cafe" is something they started years ago as an opportunity to connect women and share their faith.  They like to discuss all different topics, but this was the first time they actually brought someone in to do an art class!  I was so humbled by that and really excited to share my connection with Art & Faith.  They usually have a long discussion about a certain topic for that day but since we were going to do an art project they asked me some questions and had me share a little of my story and my retreats.   We talked about art and the connection to faith and I spoke about our Creator and how He ties those things together for me.  One of the quotes that we really enjoyed talking about was this one from Pablo Picasso:

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ― Pablo Picasso.

What a beautiful description of how art can cleanse the soul.  Most of these ladies had not done any type of art since their school days.  So I talked a little about the innocence of childhood and how creative we are as children and as we grow up we loose that freeness of spirit... and how we need to try to get that back!  


Then it was time to make art.  


As a teacher I am always wanting to make sure everyone understands what I am teaching and they are getting the techniques as well.  With this group I was giving them a couple different choices for their canvas so it was a lot to teach at once!  But they all looked like they really enjoyed it and it was so nice to see their finished art at the end.  Here's a picture of some of the ladies who were there and wanted their photo taken with their canvas.  I hope to see some of these ladies next summer in Italy! 


Here I am with Cy and Sarah, the two ladies who we met in San Diego.  These two have such a heart for France and have been such a blessing to so many people.  Thank you ladies for letting me come and be a part of what you are doing there!


That night we drove with Cy to Cannes for dinner.  It was fun to see this iconic spot on the Rivera and have dinner at a cafe next to one of the most famous hotels in Cannes.


We even had "famous" guests right next to us that were being filmed for a TV show... we think it was for a "Housewives" show.


After dinner we walked on the boardwalk for a while and had a great time chatting with Cy about life here. Then she took us back to our little hotel in Valbonne, about 20 minutes away,  and we came back to the town actually "closed"...


Yes, they literally close the streets at night and put the fences up so you can't drive in! Now that's a small village vibe for sure... gotta love that.


The next morning we were up early and onto the train station to go get some work done... in Italy!

I'll share more about that next time.

Hope you enjoy YOUR Tuesday and I would love to hear what YOU love today.