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Love Tuesday... and a Marriage!


Love Tuesday... and a Marriage!

Please welcome the newly married couple... Mr. & Mrs. Dany Ferrara!! 


Wow, what a weekend!  Our first baby is married and we couldn't be happier!  If you've followed my blog for a while, you already know how much we love this guy and how confident we are that these two were designed by God to be together!  This weekend was a testament to that and we are so honored to welcome Dany into our family and to have witnessed their love on their special day!

The location was just perfect for them and it reminded me of... Italy!  :)  

They were married under a giant tree in a meadow.  Such a perfect setting for them!  Then the reception was at the building above that had a wine cellar as well where they had the antipasto and dessert later that night.  The reception was outside and as always, something typically goes wrong on a wedding day... Well, the people supplying the tent to cover the outdoor area (it had rained two days before and was a record low temp) did NOT show up until almost 3 hours later then he should have and guess what... it was too late to put up the tent!!  So no tent to keep us warm...  We had heat lamps and Lance was able to find 5 more on short notice but it was still very cold.  I don't think the bride and groom noticed but we all made it work and it was still an unbelievably beautiful wedding and celebration of their love!

One of my friends captured this photo of the guys praying before the ceremony...

This daddy had an emotional few days leading up to this day and he held it together on this day...until the toast.  But it was such a beautiful picture of how much he LOVES his girls and his toast talked about how we have prayed about this girls husband since the day she was born and he's just so blessed to see that we were praying for this boy Dany (in Italy) that we have come to love just as our own children.  

Again, another photo from our friends (because we didn't have our phones) and I just love the JOY here!!

The beautiful bridal party!  Our middle daughter was the Maid of Honor.


Here's our two nieces with Isabella.  We were so excited to have my brother and his family come out for the wedding!  They live in Michigan and made the quick trip for the wedding.  My brother is a pastor as well, so he was able to be a part of the wedding and announce them as husband and wife and pray over them and give them a blessing!  That was so special to us!

Oh these sweet girls... Some of our "Bellagio Girls" that we just adore!  I wish every one of my "bellagio girls" could have been there, but we love that we have kept in contact with so many of you!!  What a special bond we have and I am so blessed by that!

I'm not sure if many of you know this, but we had an emergency on the Thursday night before the wedding.  Dany's parents are staying with us during this time they are here and his father was at our house while his family was out celebrating Dany, because he didn't feel good.  He got very sick that night and we had to call 911.  He was very, very sick and I quite honestly have never seen anyone so sick.  We found out it was a very serious infection that went into his blood stream and up to his heart.  He was not able to come to the wedding and he was in the hospital until yesterday.  Victoria and Dany surprised Massimo and actually said their vows in the hospital the morning of the wedding!  Such a beautiful thing for them to do.  The doctors said he wouldn't have made it if he hadn't gone to the hospital.  So needless to say it put life into perspective and the day before the wedding and the wedding day did not go as originally planned.  But I will say how FAITHFUL the Lord is in those moments!!  Massimo is a chef and was going to make ALL THE DESSERTS and the meal for the rehearsal dinner!  But his family from Italy stepped in and took over my kitchen and helped us pull everything together!  It was so beautiful to see our friends and family come together to make this day special for Dany & Victoria!  I can't tell you how amazing everyone was... The Lord is so gracious and always, always provide a way.

So if you would, please keep Massimo in your prayers.  He is young (52) and has a battle to get his strength back and heal completely.  Also, they are missionaries from Europe (currently serving in Austria) and have no insurance for America.  This was very stressful for his family because they do not have the money to pay for the hospital bills.  We KNOW the Lord will provide and we are so blessed by the people that have donated money for them.  If you feel lead, there is a Gofundme page to find out more details and help them.

I will share more photos from the photographers once we get them.

Thank you all who have prayed for these two and who have helped and encouraged them over the years.  We are so blessed by all of you and how faithful the Lord is!

Love to all,