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June = Weddings...


June = Weddings...

In honor of the "wedding month"... I wanted to post this video for all you girls and guys out there searching for "your person."

I found this a while back and posted it on my FB page, but it's soooooo good I couldn't resist posting it on here to start off this month!

You may remember this guy from the TV show iCarly.  This video is 7 minutes long, but worth every minute.  Take the time to watch it.  Trust me.

Isn't it just so, so beautiful and an example of a Christ centered relationship.  Obviously I'm in the wedding mode with my daughter getting married this December and this touches a cord with me.  But I can't help feeling SO blessed by this video AND more importantly by the relationship that my oldest daughter has with "her person" Dany Ferrara.

Not sure if I shared any photos from their engagement photo shoot in Austria?  I probably did... but here's another one, just because I can...  hahahaha

And in honor of "LOVE" I wanted to post about something I am so humbled by and in LOVE with...

One month from today you can grab a copy of this magazine "Mingle" that is featuring my Art & Faith Creative Retreats!!  I am beyond excited and so blessed by this!  I have worked with this company in the past (Stampington & Company) in several of their publications with my mixed media artwork, but never about my Creative Retreats.  This is such a gift and I pray the Lord will use it for His glory.  I shared my faith, my dreams and my heart in this article.  So if you want, please go check it out on news stands July 1st~

Have a GREAT JUNE 1st everyone!




P.S.  The cover of the magazine above is from their Spring publication so look for their Summer publication for my article.  Btw, the cake on the cover above is called a "naked cake" and it's all about the rustic simplicity... and will be making an appearance at our daughter's wedding in some  form.  (also because we all don't like frosting... so it's a win, win :)