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Let us Make... Part 2


Let us Make... Part 2

If you are following the "Let us Make" class on Jeanne Oliver's Creative Network, then by now you are loving Sheila Atchley's class AND even more, her fun spirit and heart for the Lord!  

I have been learning so much from Sheila and have tried some of her techniques IN my bible.  I will also be working through all of her classes in the original media that she is teaching them in, but I wanted to incorporate the ideas in my Bible Journaling.  Some of the chemicals and art supplies that Sheila is using won't transfer over well to the thin pages of a bible, so I've had to make a few adjustments and that's what I wanted to show you here...

The page below was inspired by Sheila's "Day 2 Firmament Art" class.  (You can look back in my blog for the Day 1 Class in the post titled "Bible Journaling Techniques")

I titled this page "The Heaven's Declare His Handiwork"  Here's what I posted on my @awelldocumentedlife IG:

The heavens declare His handiwork. That is truth right there! How can you look at the beautiful puffy clouds, The starlit night sky or go through a loud thunderstorm and not see God? Genesis 1:6 talks about the expanse or firmament and how He separated the waters from the expanse of Heaven. If you sit out in a boat in the ocean or huge lake and see the horizon, you see this separation. How little we truly are when we look at how great the Heavens and the earth are... yet He made us as well... And even one better, he made us in His image! I am in awe of His handiwork in nature so many times, but it's not just there... it's in you and me and how He created us each as a unique person. Remember that "purpose" from yesterday?? I think we need to get on that... what is your story? How is all of this connected in your life? Would love to hear your thoughts. Journaling this class by @sheilaatchleydesigns in my bible is a little different than on the right medium like watercolor paper or canvas. Bible pages are very thin and almost transparent. So some of the products she is using for the class I can't use in my bible. I'll be sharing some of the supplies and techniques I'm using for my interpretation in my bible over on my blog late today. Have a great day and let's praise Him in the Heavens today! Psalm 150:1 #journalingmyfaith #biblejournaling#jeanneoliver #sheilaatchleydesigns#letusmake #illustratedfaith

It's very important when you are journaling and doing art in your Bible to prep your page.  (You can find out more in the blog post I linked above)  It is also very important to use products that won't bleed through to the other side of your page. This can be a scary process as you just don't know every single product and how it's going to work until you've tried it.  

What I have found is that most pigment based inks work really well and will stay on the top of your page and not bleed through.  If they are water based or dye based then they tend to show through.  

I have a whole list of products in the post I linked above, but here is a list of the inks that I like because they stay on top of the page and don't bleed through:

Chalk Inks (several different brands)
Stamp Markers by American Crafts (these are ink based pens)
Faber-Castell Brush Pens & Gelatos
SEI Tumble Dye sprays
Liquitex Professional Ink

Now as you see in the photo above, I have other products like the black ink and not pictured were some old Tattered Angles Inks that I used.   Neither one of those were great on the page and in fact bleed through.  Here's a photo of the back side of this page:

It's not horrible and I can deal with this... but I'd rather not.  Also, if I had not prepped my page with gesso beforehand it would have been much worse!

If you look at the top of this blog post you will see some of the examples of Sheila's art.  This was based on the 2nd photo in that collage of her art.  Because this is again in a bible and not on the right type of art paper, I could not go as dark and heavy on the inks.  So this interpretation is a much more subtle version... but I love the ethereal feel of it! 

The gold detail lightly glides through the "cloud-like" page and I just LOVE how this turned out! I tried the gold ink AND I tried the gold gel pen for this.  I truly liked that I had more control over the gel pen and that is what you mostly see here. The Bible Verse that I decided too use for this study was found in Psalm 150:1 "Praise the Lord! Praise God in His sanctuary, praise Him in His mighty heavens!" 

Day 3 class was on Nature... and this one MOVED me deeply.  Here's what I wrote on IG with this post:

Delight in His Creation. Ok, @sheilaatchleydesigns you are really tugging at my heartstrings girl! I should say the Lord brought me to this point though... I grew up in the concrete jungle of the suburbs of L.A. but my summers were spent in Big Sky country. Horses, raft trips, country road walks ... outside in God's playground! And something is pulling me back to that... I feel it deep inside. I need to be outside, in the quiet, with the trees and birds and His still small voice. My soul is craving it. Maybe it's my age?? Hormones?? Idk but when I watched the video from day 3 of "Let us Make" on @jeanneoliver Creative Network it made me bawl. Like ugly cry people. 😂 The last few minutes of the video she just shows the scenery, the butterflies enjoying the flowers... and I lost it! So this is my interpretation of Sheila's Day 3 class in my bible. I added a vintage hymn "This is my Father's World" and it just brings me back to those days of walking down country roads in Montana, picking berries and wild flowers... and of this summers road trip to beautiful places. Thank you Jesus for bringing things back to our hearts in small baby steps... ❤️#journalingmyfaith #biblejournaling#letusmake #sheilaatchleydesigns#jeanneoliver #jeanneolivercreativenetwork#anyonehavelandforsale 😬

Sheila shared such a COOL technique that I wasn't able to do in my bible because of the chemicals, but if you sign up for her class you will LOVE this Day 3 class and I can't wait to do the actual "experiment" when my supplies get here!

So this Bible is an "interleaved" Bible which means that every other page is blank.  It's specifically for people who want to do art and journaling in their Bibles but don't want to do anything over the words.  Just a quick comment about that for those who are a bit timid to do this in ANY Bible.  That's completely us to you and your own feelings about it.  Bible Journaling/writing in your Bible has been going on for centuries... there's a great book by Lisa Nichols Hickman "Writing in The Margins" and I've linked an article by her about this, but grab her book on Amazon or at your local bookstore if you are at all interested in starting this journey INTO your bible!  I have gotten over that thought process by realizing I have a LOT of Bibles and the ones that I do art and journaling in are not the ones I take to church.  If I cover up the words with paint, etc. I don't think that's a bad thing, it's my expression of what the Lord is showing me.  If I need to reference the words that may be hidden I have several other bibles that I can go to.  That's where I have landed on this topic, but again, it's each persons preference and you can absolutely do this kind of art in an art journal.

This left page is the blank page and I wanted to collage in a hymn.  It's from an old Hymnal that I found on Etsy and this specific hymn just brings me right back to my childhood IN the outdoors of beautiful Montana.

These flowers are from my backyard and I know they will wither and dry up and I plan to go back in after they are dry and apply a coat of Modge Podge over them or a sealant of some kind that won't damage the page.

The Bible verse is in Isaiah 55:12 "For you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace;"

Sheila talks further about this verse and what inspired her about this and how she ties it to nature... I'm telling you, you really need to take this course! :)

Ok, I'm going to go get out in nature... (my backyard pool... hahaha)

I will be back next week with more pages in my Bible AND share what Jeanne inspired me to do in my Bible as well!  Oh, and Rebecca and I have been working in our "junk journals" from Jeanne's class in Italy this summer while she's been recuperating, so I'll share some of our pages next week.

Have a GREAT weekend and I hope you will take the time to "Be Still" in God's beautiful CREATION.





Let us Make...


Let us Make...

I am SO excited to be a part of the Bible Journaling Team for an incredible class by Sheila Atchley over at Jeanne Griffin Oliver's Creative Network. It starts TODAY but it is a “go at your own pace” class,  so it's not too late to sign up! You can find the course description at the end of this post or watch the trailer below.

Sheila is someone I have just recently been introduced to and I can already tell that we would really have a blast together! Maybe in Italy someday??? Anyways, I am looking forward to getting the opportunity to take her class and interpret it through my own bible journaling.  That is where my passion is and I'm excited to see what the Lord wants to reveal through Sheila and this class.

I hope you will feel lead to join in on this journey and take that step to opening yourself up to what the Lord wants to speak to your through art and faith.

You can watch the course trailer here: 

and then sign up here:

and JOIN the FUN!

Let me know if you are already signed up or plan to so we can chat and have some deep discussions with Sheila!




Here is the Course Description for you to look at:

Course description:

An artful, playful exploration of creation, purpose, theology and story, as we rediscover them all in Genesis chapter 1 of the bible. 

This course is built around each of the “6 days of creation”.  We will take one day at a time to make art based on “let there be light” (day 1)…firmament art (day 2)…botanical art (day 3)…moon art (day 4)…birds and fish (day 5)…culminating in day 6, where we create art celebrating a land mammal and, most of all, human beings who are Imago Dei:  made in the image of God.  

Even though we are taking our text from the bible, you do not have to be a Christian to take this course.  This class is for anyone who loves nature, art, and spirituality.  Together we will play with techniques such as abstract flow art, mixed media, collage, botanical art, and expressive portraiture.  We will try our hand at painting things that fly and things that swim, and we will "paint with light" at least two or three different ways.  

If you’ve ever wished you could have an excuse to make art and spend more time outdoors; if you’ve ever wished you could gain some perspective on your own story, and come to know for sure why you are alive, this is the course for you.  

All these things will be explored through art and scripture, in a safe, nonjudgemental, even playful atmosphere.  I’m excited for you to join me in “Let Us Make”

Again, you can sign up now and it even later, but it starts today so jump on in with me!  You can sign up here.