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Happy Monday, because of Sunday!


Happy Monday, because of Sunday!

Well, Good Morning day after Resurrection Sunday!  


Easter cake for breakfast the next day is a good thing, right?  

I hope you all had a great Easter and had a chance to celebrate what a beautiful day Easter marks on the calendar.  All our HOPE is in the sacrifice Jesus willingly made for our sins to be forgiven.  THANK YOU JESUS!

Yesterday was a bit strange for us as we had gotten home from Colorado late Saturday night and Lance got really sick.  So he had to stay home from church and I stayed home with him (he had a really high fever) and then Rebecca and Isabella were headed to church and her car went all wonky and had to come home and change to my car.  Which then Isabella was crying because she had a headache (which she's never had before) and so she ended up staying home as well!  Ugh... we felt like the enemy did NOT want us going to church.  But, we sat on our couch (minus Lance who was confined to watch it in our bedroom) and watched our service from home.  

I'll share more from that service tomorrow, because there was so much that I took away from it and I want to share that with you.  

After Church we had the family over (Lance was still confined to the bedroom) and enjoyed a somewhat altered Easter gathering, but nice all the same.  I was thinking about that last night because it was different in that Lance was sick, we had just gotten home from Colorado, I didn't decorate for Easter, there were very minimalist Easter baskets for the girls... and we just simply "Gathered at the Table" without the pomp and circumstance.  No pictures were taken, except for some very funny video's the girls took on my phone, and there were no pretty dresses bought, and no Easter egg hunt.  And in a strange way, that was so freeing.  Yes, I have LOVED all those things and have partaken in all those things as our girls have grown up.  But what I felt yesterday was this COMFORT from the simplicity of it all.  

Last night as I was sitting on the couch alone after everyone had gone home, I realized that all the "stuff" we make things out to be is totally fine, but TOTALLY not necessary to FEEL and LIVE in the moment of a special day, like Resurrection Sunday.  

What came over me is this peace and comfort I felt from knowing that what Jesus did was such a GIFT of FREEDOM.  

His hands and feet nailed to that cross were for YOU and ME.  

Our pastor said it so beautifully...  "Jesus' hands were open wide on that cross and that's a picture of His open arms for us to come to Him."  So many times we think God's looking at us with hands crossed and that look of chastisement, like a father upset with his children, but it's the opposite of that.  His love is so deep and wide and OPEN...

I hope you feel that today.

Forgiveness was bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ.


Take a moment to listen to this song from Elevation Worship.


Here's the fun Easter cake my sister-in-law brought for dessert yesterday.


And the very minimalist baskets for the girls. (Dany & Victoria got one too :)

Have a beautiful Monday!