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Creative Retreats - 2018...


Creative Retreats - 2018...

As we get ready to enter this next week of Thanksgiving and take some time off to enjoy family, friends and lots of food...

Here's some "food for thought:"

If you have signed up for one of our Art & Faith Creative Retreats next year... we are THANKFUL.


We are so very, very humbled by your desire to gather with us in these special places and see what the Lord is speaking to your heart.  It still gives me goose bumps... Thank you.

AND... If you are praying about joining us, please do!  We are always certain the Lord brings the people He is calling to come and we have seen amazing stories of that each year.

Here's an update on what we have available for next year:

Paris & Bruges.1.jpg

We just had someone that needed to back out of this SOLD OUT retreat, so if you were wanting to join us in France and Belgium next July... Now there's a SPOT for you!  Please email me if you are interested in taking this spot. The details are under the SIGN UP page at the top.

PLEASE NOTE:  The dates of this retreat have changed.  NOW they will be:

July 8 - 18, 2018.


Come join us for a 10 day adventure in beautiful Paris, France... Bruges, Belgium and the French countryside!


We also have 2 retreats in Bellagio, Italy next year!  


The first one is at the end of June:  June 24 - 30, 2018


This Art & Faith Creative Retreat in JUNE has a few spaces left and we would love for you to join us!   This is the week of the San Giovanni Festival and an amazing "bucket list" Torchlight Festival!  If you haven't been to Bellagio, Italy this is a GREAT time to see it with us!  We will have two amazing artists joining me that week to teach us!  Sarah Bechler is a wool artist and will be sharing her amazing skills with us in a beautiful class you won't want to miss!  Simona Angheliri is from Como... the main city on Lake Como where our retreat is held.  She is a beautiful Italian lady who is very talented.  We are exited to learn watercolor art from her that week.  I will be teaching Bible Journaling during the week and I feel so blessed to get to share this passion of mine with those who join us!

All the details on this week are under the SIGN UP page, so just click on the Summer 2018 retreat to find the details, or you can email me if you have any further questions. 


The second one if in the gorgeous Fall: October 6 - 13, 2018


We just added this one and it's almost sold out!  We THANK YOU for those that have signed up!  This is going to be an incredible week with Sheila Atchley!  She will be teaching and leading us in what God has put on her heart.  I will be teaching Bible Journaling at this retreat as well and am so excited to see what the Lord is going to do.  This is such a beautiful time of year to see Lake Como and we can't wait to show you all of it's beautiful colors!

If you are thinking and praying about joining this week... we would be so happy to have you join us!  I think there's about 5 spots left, so we will be waiting for you. All the details for this retreat are also under the SIGN UP page at the top.  Just click on the Fall 2018 retreat and you will find out the details, or you can email me via the Contact Page.


So, whether it's France or Italy... We look forward to welcoming you to enjoy a week away... to step away from life and be RENEWED and INSPIRED.  To relax and enjoy time being creative in such a beautiful setting.

Jeremiah 31:25 says "For I will satisfy the weary soul, and every languishing soul I will replenish."  My prayer for everyone interested in joining us on our Art & Faith Creative Retreats is to seek out that time to be renewed in your faith and refreshed in your spirit.  To ask the Lord to draw you closer to Him as you open yourself up to being CREATIVE and finding that connection between ART & FAITH.  I hope you will take this time to "Be still, and know that He is God..."  while you wander down cobblestone paths, explore beautiful places, and enjoy delicious meals with new friends!  That is what our Creative Retreats are all about and Lake Como, Italy or Paris, France are the perfect locations for these beautiful moments to take place.  


This also makes a great Christmas gift!  So if that is something you are thinking about blessing someone with, you are welcome to email me and we can put a beautiful presentation together  to give them this beautiful surprise! 

Have a BLESSED weekend and Thanksgiving week!  We will be taking some take away from work and social media.  We pray that you will all have a beautiful time being thankful for the many blessing God has given you!

Hugs to all,



Love, Tuesday...


Love, Tuesday...

It's been a week since Rebecca and I got home from our time in France and Italy.  Here's a little bit about our time there and some photos from our trip on this Love, Tuesday...

We went on this trip was for two purposes.  I'll share the first purpose this time and later this week I'll share about the other reason.

Rebecca and I met up with two ladies this last spring in San Diego that live in France.  We were put in contact with them through a lady that contacted me via this website a couple years ago and is actually now going to teach with me next summer in Bellagio!  We are so thankful for these beautiful connections God places in our lives and know that there is a reason for every one of these connections.  We talked and connected and became fast friends that night in San Diego, and decided it would be fun if I would come to France and teach a class to a group of ladies they meet with every other week.  They started a group called the "Wisdom Cafe" for anyone that is interested in joining that live on the French Riviera and have really seen God working in beautiful ways.  So of course I needed my helper, Rebecca... and were off on a plane to France in the beautiful fall!


The ladies hosted us in this quaint little village of Valbonne, France in this adorable little hotel!  The weather was PERFECT.  We enjoyed that first evening just strolling through the beautiful cobblestone streets and delighted in the quiet pace of this beautiful place.  There was a definite Italian influence in this town that we noticed though and they said it was because at some point in time it WAS part of Italy!


The next morning we had a lovely breakfast in the town square and then headed to the home of one of the ladies who would be hosting the "Wisdom Cafe" that day.


This very French style home is the home of Roger and Sarah, who have been living in France for 12 years now.  How can it get any cuter than this?

On a side note: One really cool thing about Roger & Sarah... they lived in Colorado for 16 years!  It was so neat to have a conversation about what we are seeing the Lord do in our lives in moving us to Colorado and hear their story of their time there as well.  This actually happened three separate times on our trip and I'll share the other two times in my next post. 


We set up our class kits and then started welcoming all the ladies who were arriving.  Wow, they were beautiful ladies!  We found out that there were 9 different countries represented in the group that day and they all had amazing stories of how they came to live in the South of France.  We enjoyed a beautiful lunch that Cy and Sarah prepared and we took some time to talk with each lady throughout the day and hear their beautiful accents from all over the world!


The "Wisdom Cafe" is something they started years ago as an opportunity to connect women and share their faith.  They like to discuss all different topics, but this was the first time they actually brought someone in to do an art class!  I was so humbled by that and really excited to share my connection with Art & Faith.  They usually have a long discussion about a certain topic for that day but since we were going to do an art project they asked me some questions and had me share a little of my story and my retreats.   We talked about art and the connection to faith and I spoke about our Creator and how He ties those things together for me.  One of the quotes that we really enjoyed talking about was this one from Pablo Picasso:

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ― Pablo Picasso.

What a beautiful description of how art can cleanse the soul.  Most of these ladies had not done any type of art since their school days.  So I talked a little about the innocence of childhood and how creative we are as children and as we grow up we loose that freeness of spirit... and how we need to try to get that back!  


Then it was time to make art.  


As a teacher I am always wanting to make sure everyone understands what I am teaching and they are getting the techniques as well.  With this group I was giving them a couple different choices for their canvas so it was a lot to teach at once!  But they all looked like they really enjoyed it and it was so nice to see their finished art at the end.  Here's a picture of some of the ladies who were there and wanted their photo taken with their canvas.  I hope to see some of these ladies next summer in Italy! 


Here I am with Cy and Sarah, the two ladies who we met in San Diego.  These two have such a heart for France and have been such a blessing to so many people.  Thank you ladies for letting me come and be a part of what you are doing there!


That night we drove with Cy to Cannes for dinner.  It was fun to see this iconic spot on the Rivera and have dinner at a cafe next to one of the most famous hotels in Cannes.


We even had "famous" guests right next to us that were being filmed for a TV show... we think it was for a "Housewives" show.


After dinner we walked on the boardwalk for a while and had a great time chatting with Cy about life here. Then she took us back to our little hotel in Valbonne, about 20 minutes away,  and we came back to the town actually "closed"...


Yes, they literally close the streets at night and put the fences up so you can't drive in! Now that's a small village vibe for sure... gotta love that.


The next morning we were up early and onto the train station to go get some work done... in Italy!

I'll share more about that next time.

Hope you enjoy YOUR Tuesday and I would love to hear what YOU love today.













Love, Tuesday...


Love, Tuesday...

There is such a LONG post coming soon, I promise, but I just don't have time to catch my breath long enough to sit and blog.

Last week was our 28th wedding anniversary and Lance took me back to our honeymoon place... well multiple places.   We honeymooned in New England and had planned our honeymoon to coincide with the Fall Foliage.  So we went back to Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts last week and we had SUCH a great time!  


We had SO much fun and what a beautiful time to visit New England!  I highly recommend a visit to this part of our country if you can.

Then today was the day we had been waiting for for a while... to see if Lance had thyroid cancer.  Praise God he does NOT and we are overwhelmed with joy and love from all of you that have prayed for him and have been with us through this scary journey!  We know so many of you know how scary it is to find a lump or lumps and go through this process and we are so humbled by all the love and support we have had.  He does have Hashimoto's disease which he will need to take care of, but we are so thankful it was not anything worse.  

And now tomorrow... yes, life is a bit crazy right now... Rebecca and I get on a plane for France and Italy!  We have an opportunity to share the love of Jesus with a group of about 25-30 ladies in France on Thursday and we are so excited to see where the Lord is leading us.  It is scary to say "I am willing"  to the Lord, but when you DO, He sends you.  He opens doors you would never have imagined and He shows up.  I know He is calling us and even though things are a bit scary in the world these days, we know He will be with us and provide peace and protection.  When we are done in France we will head to Italy to do some work and see some new places for future retreats!  So stay tuned for some SNEAK PEEKS on social media!



if that is not all that is going on in our lives...

Last post I hinted at a trip we were about to take to Colorado to see if the Lord was directing us there for a reason.

Well, by the end of the month we might actually be land owners in COLORADO!


We are in escrow on some land with the potential to build on it in the future.  We are not sure exactly the when, what or how... but are positive the Lord is directing it ALL.  I promise when I find the time I will sit down and share the whole story.  It's an incredible one that is still unfolding and I know it is all for His glory.  This is not for us to have land and build our "dream home" on and live happily ever after...  This is a vision the Lord has given to me over the past couple months and I have a husband that can see that vision, supports it and wants to be about the Lords business...  so we are in prayer about all of it. 

My favorite verse keeps coming up and it's one I am clinging to daily:


We don't always understand what is going on in our lives.  If you would have told me 3 months ago that we would possibly be moving out of California and building on land that has cows and deer and bears and SNAKES.... I would have told you that you were CRAZY!  But it's not our place to always understand what God is doing or calling us to.  Our job is to TRUST the Lord and ACKNOWLEDGE Him.  That He is the author of our lives.  That He has SO much He wants to do in and through us... if we only allow Him to.  Honestly, until we let Him truly, truly direct our paths we  aren't living our lives completely.  But when we say "YES, Lord... I am willing," that is when the going gets GOOD.  Oh it's scary... like I mentioned before.  We don't like the unknown, right?  (Rebecca and I don't even like to fly or speak in public... so what is going on?  lol)  We like our safe neighborhood with fences all around and our sunny California weather with our pretty backyard.   But I can see more and more that the Lord doesn't call us to a "safe" life.  He calls us out.  He wants us to Go.  And that is when He shines through us and It. Is. Good.

Because He is GOOD.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Hugs to all,