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Art Journal with Faber-Castell

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Art Journal with Faber-Castell

Over the weekend I had a chance to work in my art journal and I wanted to share what I created with you because it was SO fun.  I felt like I was playing like a kid.  Actually I laid out a big tablecloth on my kitchen island and Isabella and I just played all afternoon with paint and stencils and markers and gelato... (she's a bit crazy for gelato's like me :)

I had collaged these vintage papers and sayings in my art journal a while ago and was just waiting to be INSPIRED to create something over them.  And sure enough... that happened last weekend!  

Lately I have been noticing all the wonderful products by Faber-Castell.  At the beginning of the month when I was at CHA their booth was BUZZING with people checking out all their wonderful products.  I use their products in my Journaling Bible art and have started really liking their Gelato's.  So I went onto Amazon last week and got a little crazy... I bought some more Gelatos, some of their Whipped Spackle and some of their Pitt pens in different colors and thicknesses.  


So I decided to use ONLY Faber-Castell products for all my color on this art journal page.

I wish I would have taken step-by-step photos of the process so I could have done a tutorial for you guys. Next time... So this it what it looked like after I painted lightly over the vintage papers with gesso and then a white acrylic paint.  I didn't want to cover the papers so it was just randomly painted and then I usually have a paper towel or something I can wipe any excess paint off.  Then I took the Faber-Castell Whipped Spackle and my gold toned Gelato and cut of a little (not even a full slice from the gelato) and blended the two things together to get this raised texture.  Then with a texture spatula I put a dotted art paper I had down on the pages and swiped the texture over the "stencil" randomly around the pages.  I had some of the texture left over so I just picked it up on the spatula and again just randomly added it to the pages for an aged look.  LOVE it.  This is where I start getting nervous because I LOVE the look of this.  I mean I could really just leave it like this...  But I had an idea and wanted to try it.  I really wanted to use ONLY Faber-Castell on this page, but in totally different ways.  The Gelato's are amazing for that!  (You'd think I work for them, lol... but I have absolutely no association with them) 

So here's a close-up of the first page.  Again I wish I would have taken more photos during the process so you could have seen this page before all the papers and embellishments... But getting back to Gelatos, they are an acid-free pigment "stick" that glides on just about any surface (paper, canvas, wood, etc.) and blends like a creamy texture into your artwork.  You can water down this pigment and it turns into a watercolor paint as well.  You can use your hands to blend the gelato into your work or you can use a blending sponge or a paint brush.  Have I said that they are FUN?  Ya... kind of addicting if you ask me!

So if you look at the top of this page you will see some pink color.  That was simply swiping the gelato over the page and then using my finger to blend it around. If you look toward the middle of the page I also swiped the gelato on the page in a horizontal motion and then sprayed the pigment with water.  I did this with pink, the gold tone and a dark brown tone.  I wanted to get "dripage" a turn I learned from the amazing Donna Downey.  Love the look of that and even though it was my first time experimenting with this technique, it won't be my last for sure!  I should note that I did the darker colors first, let them drip and then did the pink last.  What I really liked about this process is that the colors didn't fade as they dripped down my page.  They kept their pigment nice and vibrant.  And I love how they dripped down the texture dots and it shows you the differences from the SAME product.  Cool beans.

You can see on this page I did the same horizontal lines with the dripage and also down on the bottom right side I blended the Gelato into the page like on the top of the other page. But then I wanted to try the Gelato as a watercolor with a stencil.  This is the big arrow stencil at the top right of this page.  Now I have to say that I didn't think this turned out very good and I'm not sure what I need to do to get a better result next time.  I'll have to ask my friend who designs for them... But anyways, I put some Gelato color in a tray with water and then took a sponge paint brush that you use for stencils and dabbed on the paint over the stencil.  And it bled thru.  So when I took off the stencil the design was not as you see it now.  It had spread under the stencil and was kind of a mess.  I was able to use a baby wipe and clean it up (because of the gesso on the page prior to using the inks it will come off pretty easily with a baby wipe) and with my Faber-Castell pens I was able to go back in and give the arrows definition.  I still like how the overall stencil looks but I think I could use some tips on working with the Gelatos and stencils.  Now if I would have just used the Gelato dry over the stencil it would have worked just fine, but I wanted a water color look and that's where I need to learn a bit more...

So here's the finished pages.  I used some Webster's Pages papers and velum map paper and alpha stickers.  I also used some vintage lace and linen scraps and some Rub-ons. Oh I forgot to mention one more Faber-Castell products I used... their PITT artist pen in the picture above.  It's white so it's hard to see but I randomly drew in a circular pattern small circles around the pages.  I like it and thought it just added to the dimension of the pages.  

Overall I am now a HUGE fan of Faber-Castell products!  This wasn't really a "review" of their products but I will say that I am very impressed with all the products I bought from them and I did go out and buy more this week.  I wanted to try some of their other art supplies so you'll be seeing those in future blog posts I'm sure.  

So that's it.  My fun Sunday afternoon play time with me and Isabella.  Next time I'll have to share pictures of Isabella's art, she's got some skills!  This girls favorite thing is to get into my supplies (much to mommy's dismay some times...) and go to town on anything she can get her hands on. She'll grab my canvases, wood decor pieces I've been saving for "just the right project" or she'll just get pieces of paper and start doing her "thang"... hahaha  I try to remember to just let her be her own little artist and enjoy spending this time with her in her element.  Because times like this don't last forever.  I know because my older girls don't really want to join in on these "artsy" dates anymore.  So go grab those kiddos and make some FUN art time with them while they still want to PLAY!

Have a GREAT day everyone!

I'm headed to the doctor tomorrow to hopefully have a final say on what's going on with me and a decision on what type of surgery they will need to do.  I know a lot of you have been SO awesome praying for me and have asked for updates on things. THANK YOU SO MUCH for that!  It's been incredible to have such an amazing amount of people through FB and IG show so much support and kindness!  So hopefully tomorrow I will know more and be able to give an update on things.




P.S.  Tomorrow is also my "Becoming" story for Jeanne Oliver's online course.  You can find out more and the links to it on the last blog post below this one.   



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