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Walk this way...


Walk this way...


Last weeks "Love, Tuesday" I touched on the subject of how to know "what to do."  I was talking to someone this week and that same thing came up and it was funny because we all do want that "sticky note" from God spelling it all out for us!  

But it's not that easy.  Not that the Lord is trying to make it hard.  I wrote in a blog post about how He is calling us NEAR to Him, to have that close relationship where we are so close to Him that He can whisper in our ear.

This verse in Isaiah speaks to that:

Isaiah 30:21 Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

I love the picture of this.  Being so connected and close to our Creator that He is with us, whispering in our ear.


My daughter asked me last night if I just sat still in the Lord's presence and listened.  I was having a bad headache again and just physically and emotionally drained, and I was a mess.  I've shared how the Lord speaks to us many different ways, and one is through other people.  So it was just so sweet how He spoke through her last night.  Reminding me that I KNOW this, but I'm not practicing this.  I don't even know the last time I did this... probably this past Fall in the backyard, but I'd have to go back in my prayer journal to find exactly when.  So thank you Jesus for reminding us that You are here... we just need to lean in and listen.

Prayer is supposed to be a conversation with our God.  Yet I think we can get so caught up in our prayers and the long list of people to pray for, cares to pray for, needs to be prayed for, etc. etc...  that we don't have a two way conversation, it's a one way conversation.  Which really isn't a conversation at all, right?  Mark Batterson talks about this in his book Whisper, but last night it was Rebecca reminding me that we ask God things as we pray, we seek Him earnestly as we pray and we talk, talk, talk and then Amen.... we're done and we go about our day.  But He's up there ready to speak and we're finished with our prayers and onto the next thing!  Sound familiar to any of you? I know it does for me... hahaha

Yes, there is a LOT to be praying for... just turn on the news or read Facebook... we live in a hurting world.

But the one who MADE us, LOVES us, CARES for us, wants to SPEAK to us.  And, He will CARRY us. Love this image I found on Pinterest.  It just seems like an image of a peaceful moment where she is looking out and listening to her Savior's voice.



I pray you will take the time to draw close to the Lord in prayer and have that conversation He's wanting to have with you. I know I need it so deeply as we go forward in so many new things and put a season behind us.  

What I am finding in this "middle" is that He is not only "behind us" whispering in our ear, He is also going "before us" and I want to share a really cool story about that next time.  It ties in with this and also how the Lord speaks through people, because this time it was the guy who came to fix our wood floors!  True story... 

I LOVE these little confirmations along the path that He is preparing for us, don't you?

Have a GREAT day!