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Love, Tuesday...  Creative Friends.


Love, Tuesday... Creative Friends.

This weeks Love, Tuesday will be the last "Creative Friends" post until after the New Year.  (How is it possible that we are SO close to being in 2018?!) But I wanted to add one more... because it's my DAUGHTER Victoria!

This girl has become a blogger herself and has a new blog that I think is just beautiful.


She got married almost exactly a year ago to the love of her life, Dany Ferrara.  It's been a blessing to watch these two grow in their love as a married couple.  They both work at the Bible College and love helping and serving in ministry.  Victoria has always been in love with all things beauty and fashion.  That is where HER creative outlet is.  It's so beautiful to watch how she sees faces as a canvas and has a passion to help girls and women feel good about themselves.  She does makeup and hair for weddings and photo shoots and she is so GOOD.  

Victoria has combined all her loves into a lifestyle blog.  She blogs about her faith, beauty, fashion and travel.  She loves to travel and of course being married to an Italian I think she may LIVE in Italy at some point in her life.  I guess all those trips as a kid gave her the bug to travel!

This month on her blog she is doing a 25 days of "Blogmas" with all kinds of ideas for Christmas.  She's got great tips if you don't know what to get the loved ones in your life.  And I love that she blogged about our Christmas traditions, that definitely made me melt...  

I'm so proud of her and would love it if you checked out her website at

She also has an IG account and you can follow her here.


She's had an eye for photography for many years and has some fun ideas coming up in the next year! 

It's so refreshing to see someone be so open and honest about things that may be hard to talk about.  That fact that it's my daughter and she shares her stories and her faith in such a beautiful way blesses this momma's heart so much. 


So go check out her blog and IG and say HI!

Have a GREAT Tuesday,