It's MOVE-IN DAY... (One week ago... I had planned on posting this and didn't get around to it!)

But here's a little peek into the last week in our life:

We have called the PODS to come bring our stuff on over... and tonight we get to sleep in our own beds!!! We have been "glamping" in our new rental home for the last week.   It has been nice to be settled and getting familiar with this new home and city, but BOY oh BOY will it be nice to have a sofa to sit on and beds to sleep on! 


We love Colorado and have already seen a lot as we drove through the state to get here and as we've explored the surrounding cities this past week.

Yesterday we had a meeting with our home builders, Adamo Homes, and we are getting VERY close to breaking ground on our land!  It's been an amazing journey the Lord has taken us on.  Just seeing my FB feed pop up photos from our trip here last year AT THIS EXACT TIME, not even knowing that only a YEAR later we would be MOVING HERE!  (Yes, I'm using ALL CAPS too much... but GOD is AMAZING!!) 

To think and reflect on this past year, even though there is not much time for that right now, I treasure the time I took to journal this whole process.  Looking back on what the Lord has shown us and spoken to us and moved us to do... is BEYOND my wildest dreams.  We had NO intention of moving to Colorado people... We were just finished putting SOLAR on our beautful home! lol  BUT... the Lord had other plans for us and I link that back to when we started a 40 day prayer circle at the beginning of last year.  It opened our hears and minds to what is possible WITH GOD, when you allow your lives to be open and used for His Glory.  

So here we are... unpacking for this new adventure the Lord has us on.

It has been so clearly evident that we are supposed to be here.  So now it's just a matter of waiting on God's perfect timing for the loan of this new home and Gathering Place, and trusting that He will continue to open the doors when He wants us to walk through them.

This past week has been FILLED with so much...

We had friends come over with breakfast, and then again bringing Ice Cream! 



We've checked out several antique stores in the area and some GREAT restaurants as well!


We've walked and walked and walked at Farmer's Markets, in Denver, in our town and on a beautiful path right outside our doors!


We've had friends over for our first get together in our home for the next year and walked with them to their old house, which is in our neighborhood!

And now we are settling in to our work on the new home and have meetings upon meetings upon meetings.  It's a LOT to build a home and we are praying for wisdom and discernment in the process...  because there are SO many decisions!

So today we meet again and go over all the tiny details on the floor plan to make sure we understand it all.


Then we will enjoy some time with Rebecca before she goes back to college!  This is weird... we lived only 15 mintues from her college and now we are shipping her off on an airplane to college!

I have LOTS more to share and will be posting later this week about the details on our home build, BUT...

I wanted to end with a VERY exciting piece of news:

These two are MOVING to Colorado AND... are expecting their first BABY!


Yes, we get to be grandparents!  We are so blessed to have them moving here and starting a life here!

Have a GREAT day everyone!