Good morning!  

I had to come back on here and announce an exciting chance to join us THIS October in Italy...


One last spot has opened up for our Art & Faith Creative Retreat this October 6-13! If you’ve been thinking about joining us... it’s not too late! This is an incredible opportunity and such a gorgeous time of year to visit Lake Como. You can message me for pricing and details via the contact page at the top.


Here's what Sheila Atchley wrote about this opportunity:

I’ve just heard from Laura Hogue McCollough, and you guys...there is ONE spot left for the Art and Faith Creative Retreat in beautiful Bellagio, Italy this October 6-13!

As “1”. One spot left.  🤓

I want to tag everyone I love. If this spot is for you, get yourself over to this link:

And sign up!

If you do, the Preacher and I (yes! Did you know he’s going too? He won’t be bugging us ladies...he will be off photographing Lake Como and making small talk with every English-speaking Italian old guy within walking distance of our lakeside hotel. And he will also be preaching in Milan.  🔥🔥🙌🏻🙌🏻)

If you sign up, the Preacher and I will see you in less than two months!  #Idie#butGod #whoamI #lookwhattheLordhasdone


Just imagine yourself sitting here and taking time to Be Still...

We hope you will prayerfully consider if the Lord is calling you to join us this October in Italy.  I promise if He is, you will be blessed by this week away to be refreshed and renewed in your faith.

Hugs to all,