Well, we are back in Italy and enjoying beautiful weather on Lake Como!


This is the week of our Art & Faith Creative Retreat here, and we have welcomed another group of people here for a beautiful gathering in Italy.  I am still amazed at how the Lord orchestrates each person who is here and how there is a reason for each and every person to be here.  The theme this year the Lord gave me is on HOPE and it is already evident that God's divine wisdom is in this and that HE truly does get all the glory for ALL of it.  I am blown away at how just in a couple days we can see Him working in the lives of the people here and how this place is truly a place that gives rest and peace.  

Just look at this gorgeous sunset at dinner the other night and see what beauty He has for us here...


On the first day we welcomed everyone lakefront on the pergola of the hotel and enjoyed the perfect weather before we showed them to their apartments.  


Then it was PIZZA time that evening at our favorite place for a casual dinner the first night.  Off to bed for most of them, but those who wanted to experience the San Giovanni Torchlight Procession (and were awake enough) gathered at the front of the hotel for the walk through town with actual TORCHES... yes that is real fire... and a truly Italian experience that would NEVER go over in America.  hahaha  


Sunday is usually a very relaxed day with a tour of Bellagio with Rita, our dear friend and tour guide of Lake Como, in the morning.  Then it's time to REALLY relax and enjoy this amazing pool and lake all afternoon.  


While everyone was enjoying all of this, Rebecca and I got into the event room and prepared it for our classes that start on Monday.  I still LOVE this room and it's views out all the windows of the amazing lake.  I know it may seem hard to stay inside when that view is beckoning us, but the classes are always so much fun the ladies don't mind it at all.  Plus we really try to balance the week with classes, free time and exploring all the beauty around the lake.


Here's a little sneak peek at one of the classes we started today! 


Tomorrow is a day for getting on the lake and exploring another village.  One of our favorite places to visit is Varenna and we will be walking through the town to the Monastery there and then enjoying a beautiful afternoon lunch before heading back to Bellagio for a Cooking Class.


I still pinch myself that I get to share this place with a new group of people each year... and sometimes TWICE a YEAR!  (There is another retreat this October with a couple spots left if you are interested in joining us with the beautiful fall colors on the lake.)

We also have a retreat NEXT YEAR and all the details & pricing we be on the blog in a few days.  We'd love to have you come with us as we host another ART & Faith Creative Retreat next June.  Our plans are all set and we are excited to announce some exciting new things!  Our retreat next summer will have the option to start out in VENICE!  We will be exploring one of the most unqiue and inspiring cities in the world, Venice, Italy for 3 days before we head north to Bellagio for the weeklong event here.  

Registration will be open this coming Sunday, July 1st for next years retreat!

If you want to join us, you can come back here on Sunday and click on the SIGN UP button at the top of the website and you will see the image for next summers retreat and once you pay the DEPOSIT, you will be sent an email confirmation.  

You can follow along to see what we are doing THIS week on Instagram at:

Creativeretreats  or Lauramccolloughcreative

Or feel free to email me via the Contact page at the top of this website if you have any questions. I will try to answer them as soon as possible, but the time change may make it a bit delayed.

We truly pray each year that the Lord will let this be part of YOUR story.  We hear such incredible stories of how each person came and what reasons behind this trip made them come.   So prayerfully consider joining us and we look forward to meeting YOU in Italy next summer!