If you are here because of our mutual friend Jeanne Oliver, thank you for coming.

Jeanne is one of the most creative and generous people I've ever known and I am blessed to call her friend. We met many years ago while teaching at an event in L.A. that Kim Caldwell put on.  It was one laugh after another that weekend and our friendship has grown from there.  I asked Jeanne to teach with me in Italy the following summer and she has now been back 4 times to Bellagio for our Art & Faith Creative Retreats.

Last summer when she brought her whole family with her, we had such a special time together that we planned up dreams for another one some day!  But she also opened up her heart to share a friend of hers with me, and she connected Sheila Atchley and I last summer while in Bellagio.  


We casually started getting to know each other via FB and IG, but what I saw was such a deep love of the Lord in Sheila that I had to get to know this woman more.  She not only has a connection with God that you don't find very often, but she has such an amazing way of speaking His truths in ways that are so beautiful and raw, that go WAY beyond me.  You THINK when you listen to her... in ways that really stretch you.  I know I want to learn from her and grow in my faith through her insight into God's Word, and so I invited her to teach THIS October with us in Italy!


This time of year is so beautiful watching the leaves change on Lake Como.  Not only will you be surrounded by beauty everywhere you look, this week together with Sheila will be a time to step away from life and draw closer to the Lord.  Through Art, through time in the Word of God and also just through strolling the cobblestone streets and taking in the beauty of God's creative world!


I hope you will ask the Lord what He has for you here.  I always pray that He will bring the women who need to be there... and He does.  Maybe you need to step away for a week to be RENEWED.  Maybe you need to be there to meet someone that will forever be in your life.  Maybe you need to be encouraged and given HOPE again.  I am telling you there is a reason the Lord brings EACH person, and it's so humbling to watch each and every time how He knows you need this gift of TIME.

There are a few spots left for this October and I know if the Lord is calling you to this, He will make a spot available for you, even if it's a decision you make at the last minute.


I can't wait to share this beautiful place in Italy with you... and I know Sheila is ready to meet you here as well.



P.S.  I am leaving for Italy THIS week for our Art & Faith Creative Retreat in a couple weeks!  If you have any questions, I will be checking my email daily.   If want to follow along to see what it's all about, you can follow our Instagram at:

lauramccolloughcreative  or creativeretreats