Good morning!

Our house is finally ON THE MARKET TODAY!!  Wow... is getting your house ready to sell a HUGE JOB or what!?!  We can't believe it's "GO TIME" but it is and we are excited to see the Lord direct our next steps.  

Yesterday morning as I was vacumming the upstairs (we had 2 showings yesterday even though technically it wasn't even on the market) and I was just having a conversation with the Lord and just at peace with whatever He wants.  This house could sell really quick or take a long time...  and I'm really OK with whatever He wants.  We feel so strongly that He is calling us to Colorado, but we truly want it to be in HIS perfect timing.  So as we were doing those final little things, I felt like ok Lord, we are doing the work and I know You will show us the next steps and the timing in all of it.  This feels right.

So here's a few photos from the lisitng on Zillow if you'd like to see them:


We are going to miss the Mccollough Spa & Resort... hahaha  

Here's the listing if you want to see the whole thing HERE.


But we are ALSO going to miss these two!


They leave right about now as I'm writing this post for Sicily and then Austria. So please pray for their flights and for peace for Victoria (she HATES to fly)  They are going to get Victoria's equivelant of a "green card" in Italy and then head to Austria for four months to serve there with Dany's family at the Castle that the church runs as a conference center.  We love them and miss them already and we so thankful to enjoy the last couple days (yes, in the middle of this crazy house business) with them here at the house and then some nice time on Sunday at church and Ponte for lunch.  Yesterday I drove them to LA and we got to spend the afternoon with them in LA having one more day of fun... pretty much eating our way through The Grove. :)


Laduree!!  They have a brand new store in LA at The Grove and we went!  It was so beautiful... come on, just look at those little works of art for our tummy's! I was dying over that little strawberry thing... for $8.00!  But I settled on a macaron for $2.80 EACH.  Wowza, these people are crazy... but I guess they know they can get it in L.A.  ( It's much cheaper in Europe but then I guess you have to fly over there first... so maybe not.  lol)

Well, I hope you have a GREAT Tuesday!  If you know of someone moving to the Temecula area, share our listing with them please.