How's everyone's week starting off? 

The weather here in sunny California is... SUNNY.  as in, 95 degrees sunny!  YIKES.  Lots of house preparations are taking place in our home in the next couple of weeks to get it ready to put on the market.  Once we have things all pretty, I'll share some photos on here.  That way, if you know of anyone moving to the Temecula area and looking for a home, you can pass the information on to them.  


Yesterday, I posted some photos about our Art & Faith Creative Retreat this Fall in Bellagio.  I wanted to share that post here and let you know there are only a few more spaces left.  I get a lot of questions about when I will be having another retreat, so here's your chance to join us at this one!


Here's what I posted on my @creativeretreats IG account:

I want to invite you to Italy with us this October. There are only a few more spots open and I know the Lord has these open for a reason. For those of you wondering if this is what you need... if stepping away from life for a week and renewing your spirit is what you long for, if resting in the Lord and refreshing your soul is what you’ve been praying for.

I’m telling you right now... Sheila Atchley and I are so ready to share with you what the Lord is calling us women “in the middle” towards. God is so, so good and His love for us is beyond what we can imagine. I encourage you to pray about this week away. God is doing BIG things ladies, and He has plans for all of us. We can’t wait to see how He draws us close to Him during this week together, but also how He knits us together as a group that gives Him the Glory through it all! We invite you to come. October 6-13, 2018 in Bellagio, Italy. We can’t wait to meet you in Italy. 🇮🇹 


It's going to be an AMAZING week with Sheila!  And this time of year is divine.  October is such beautiful on the lake with all the leaves changing and the weather just about to change.  Oh, Ic can't WAIT to be back with another group.   I will share more on our classes as we get closer.  I know there are some local ladies wanting to join in on the classes and I should have that information by mid summer.  Here's a sneak at one of Sheila's classes and then one of my bible journaling pages.


If you are still wanting to join us on this retreat, I do encourage you to pray about it and come join us if you feel lead.  Sheila and I really do feel the Lord is moving in BIG ways for this week that we are praying over.


If 2018 isn't going to work for you, I've also lots of inquiries about my 2019 retreats.  I am still praying about that and I've asked someone I adore to join me next year!  BUT, I will only have ONE RETREAT NEXT YEAR.  With the move and building a home and Gathering Place in Colorado, I do think life is going to be a bit busy...


So if you are planning on joining us next year, there will only be one Art & Faith Creative Retreat in 2019, and that will be in Bellagio, Italy.  Most likely it will be in late June.  I don't have the dates set in stone yet, but will let you know in the next month what we have decided. If you are interested in joining us for this, please leave me a note on the Contact page above.  I will put you on the INTEREST LIST and you'll be the first to hear all the details.


I look forward to meeting you in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and enjoy some coffee and Jesus with you!  


This is the hotel where the weeklong event takes place.  Isn't it stunning in that Fall glow?!

Here is the link to the page with all the retreats for this year.  I can also add a couple people to this summers retreat for those who are last minute decision makers.  That retreat is THIS June 23-30 and also in Bellagio, Italy.  

Have a GREAT day everyone.