Does it feel like Monday to you?  This week got off to such a slow start and this morning I should be walking right now but the hubs is still in bed, so I'll just blog a little... hahaha

This past weekend I wasn't feeling great and took it easy over the weekend. (other than cleaning the darn house)  It felt good to take time to relax and sit out in the sun and catch up on some projects that have been sitting around waiting for me to finish. One of which is this album from the trip Rebecca and I took to Paris & Bruges last year to research and get ready for THIS year's Paris & Bruges Art & Faith Creative Retreat.  It was such a GREAT trip and just getting time to jot down our memories this past weekend brought it all back.  I love that about keeping our memories in scrapbooks or journals.  I've leaned towards journals in the last few years and the Travelers Notebook Journals are my favorite by far.  They are just the right size to travel with and they are big enough for space for photos and journaling and artwork.  Here's a few pages from this journal...


I altered this Traveler's Notebook before we left for Paris with vintage papers.  It made the journal a lot thicker but it held together and I love the look of it with our photos from Europe. 

What a GREAT trip.  I treasure those times when I am blessed to get away with one of my girls alone.  I get to have them to myself and spend time talking and laughing and gaining new memories... 


I get to sit across from them at dinners...


I get to embarrass them by taking goofy photos of myself... 


I get to bug them about their stupid shoe choices...


We get to share yummy treats together...


And we get to watch TV together back home and say "We were there FIRST" when we see Arie (from the Bachelor) taking the girls to Paris!  hahaha

I'm so glad I was able to do this with Victoria and Rebecca and I look forward to the fun trips ahead with Isabella when she's a little older.  I think that time is truly important to spend with your kids when they are older.  I think it helps the transition from parent to friend in those last few moments they are still under your roof.  It doesn't matter WHERE you go, just go.  Talk.  Words are truly so important and I've been thinking about that a lot lately...  

I read a devotional last Saturday that really made me look at MY words.  

Are my words gracious, like honeycomb? like Proberbs 16 talks about?


This has been ruminating in my brain for a few days and I want to dig deeper because words are uttered so quickly out of my mouth...  I think the Lord is showing me something that needs to be worked on and I'll share more with you tomorrow.  Now I need to go wake up my hubby and see what's up with that sleeping in??  Oh... and I need to work on the retreat this summer.  I am SO excited to bring another group of women to these beautiful places!  

Have a BLESSED day!