Today is a big day for us.  A day where decisions on our land will be made. This process hasn’t been easy and this may not go well today.  But even though this week has been really hard and full of trials, the Lord has been so good to listen to my cries and give me His Words that calm my heart. This week He’s revealed a couple things to me:

First, the Lord is bigger than our rules. Yikes! I know I’ve put “rules or restrictions” on things in my life...  I think back to my teen years and remember how I said “I’ll never go on another blind date...” and I’m married almost 30 years to my 2nd blind date. 😂 Or how I tell the Lord how things are gonna go... “I’ll do this, but I’m not going to do this...” Well, God is soooo much BIGGER than our rules! He can really teach us & bless us through shattering our rules and showing us His ways are higher than ours.🙌🏻

Secondly, we put limits on how God can do things.  We THINK we know how God is going to do something & we set our minds on a “way” that it will work out.  I’ve said this even in this home journey we are on. “Oh, the Lord isn’t going to do it this way...” then it won’t be all Him. 

What a fool I am! I limit God by my OWN limitations. All I can say is He is showing me to lay it ALL down, He has shattered all the limitations I’ve set (in amazing and sometimes hard ways) & He just wants us to come to Him in total surrender & seek out His perfect will.❤️

I can’t go to this meeting on our land today bc I’ll get too emotional... I know that about myself. I am praying for clarity today; in knowing if this is where God is specifically placing us, if this IS His perfect will for our future, and if this is just a trial we need to go through (because the enemy clearly doesn’t want us doing the Lords will here) or if He has somewhere else for us? I am so thankful for His Word that we can turn to and for His peace through hard times that we can cry out for! 

AND, for His Joy... in the Middle.  I find it a tad ironic that I taught in-depth on JOY last month in Italy, and I come home to have to truly lean on those words the Lord gave me to speak to others. I guess He knew I would need them just as much. ❤️


When I was driving this week and the Lord revealed these two things to me I knew they were for someone else as well... I know it’s hard to give up our will and trust that God can do things however He wants, but know that you know, that you know... He loves you SO much, and He does know what’s best for you.🙌🏻

“Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.” 1 Corinthians 15:58

I think today I will CREATE art. I haven’t had time for art since I’ve been back from Italy and I have needed that creative outlet desperately. What are your plans today?

I hope you enjoy your weekend!