I wanted to share with you a group that I think you should join.  It just started so it's not too late.  My dear friend Jeanne Oliver  started a private FB group just for the sake of CREATING to create.  Not for business, not for others, not to get IG likes.  Just to motivate us to create.  To move towards doing something creative every week.  Here's what she wrote as the description:

"This group has been created to allow a place to share the work you are creating and to cheer each other on as we create 52 pieces of art by the end of the year and to no doubt be stronger and more focused artists. This series is not based on a course or any one teacher. This series is about each one of us and showing up in our creativity."

It's called SERIES 52

Here is one of the projects in my series:  3/52


This is my week #3 art journal page. I don’t think there’s going to be a running theme for my series... more of a hodge podge of emotions most likely. 😊 I’ve been thinking about the roller coaster of emotions that we can simultaneously feel. Joy and sadness, fear and excitement. We are following the Lords promptings and moving our whole lives to a different state. We leave behind so much... but we know the Lord is with us and is bringing us into a new chapter in our lives. A dear friend sent me Luke 18:28-30 this morning and I’m going to add that on this page. But the song “Broken Hallelujah is what I was listening to while I traced my hands and created this messy, emotional collage page. My word for the year is “Stretched” and my hands are stretched out and raised to the Lord... with all kinds of emotions.


This is me.  It's not for anyone else, it's not to promote anything but my own creative soul... and I love it and urge you to join in.  I'm not going to be posting much from this series, but wanted to share about it and encourage you to free yourself to take the time to be creative.  I talk about this a lot at my retreats, but we are CREATED by a CREATOR.  Therefore, we ALL have a creative spirit within us.  Even if you haven't held a paintbrush in your hand since Elementary school... do something.   It can be ANYTHING.

Happy Sunday!



Here's the video to Broken Hallelujah by The Afters: