Well, we are back from our time in Colorado and WOW... was that a time of total confirmation that we are supposed to be moving there!!

I want to share the whole story, but I need time to write it all out and share the amazing things that happened while we were there.

So for today I just wanted to come on here and say THANK YOU for coming to my blog.  As a blogger you sometimes feel all alone, writing to a screen.  So I am amazed when I hear someone share that they read my blog or remember something I said or email me that they saw one of my Bible Journaling pages on Pinterest and were happy to find out it was me.  That blows my mind and is what motivates me to pray over these blog posts and ask the Holy Spirit to speak through me and use me for His purposes.  So thank you for letting me be a little part of your life.

 2018 is going to be a year of God STRETCHING us... (my word for the year... oh fun, right!?! ;) 

I've already felt stretched in just the last 15 days of 2018, and today even more as I was interviewed via video conference for a lady's blog that will be LIVE on Valentines Day next month! I'll share more details and links to that as it gets closer, but that's crazy stuff I definitely have been nervous about doing, and wouldn't you know I already have another one coming up soon!  I knew that God had been preparing me for these kinds of things in my devotional time last year, but I'm already realizing He's telling me "it's time" now.  Time to share my testimony, time to share what He is doing and time to give Him all the glory!  

So I hope you will stick around during this "stretching" time as it may look a little messy...

Rebecca and I have had some talks about what that looks like for our retreats, for this website and for us just getting out there and doing what the Lord is calling us to do.  So we will be changing some things on this website, changing the business name, adding some fun custom things in an online SHOP and hopefully sharing our new adventure with you as we all move to Colorado!  It will be a REAL life journey, (the good and the not so good) it will be laden with many spelling errors (unless I get her to write the blog and it will be LIFE.

Love you all and check back in a couple days for a "come sit away with a cup of coffee" post. :)