Happy Tuesday!  

This is what I am LOVING this week...


This girl!  She just turned 19 over the weekend and we celebrated with family and friends and lots of new college friends!  What a joy it is to watch her grow and follow the path the Lord is calling her to go down.  It's not an easy path when you go against what the world would try to tell you you should do... but it is a beautiful journey she is on and I know the Lord has her right where He wants to use her.


This girl too!  Poor thing has been sick for over 2 weeks now and we have some fun trips coming up that she needs to get all better for.  We had to go to Urgent Care yesterday to have her checked again, and this time she has gotten worse and needs some strong medicine to get better.  So prayers for her recovery would be great!  She has a sinus and ear infection.


I LOVE this quote/verse that I found on Pinterest. We ARE all meant for SO much!  Life has given us so many opportunities that can apply to this verse... at different stages of our lives.  I was CREATED to be a mom.  I was meant to be a mom to Victoria, Rebecca, Isabella and now "2nd momma" to Dany... and someday for Rebecca and Isabella's future guys!  I love my role of being a mom and a wife... but I also love the creative woman God made me to be.  As my role of a mom to little ones is coming to a close I feel like the Lord is really showing me that He does have so much He still wants to do through me.  I've been feeling this for a while and have said YES to that.  I know that is a scary feeling to open yourself up to "God possibilities" but it's also crazy AMAZING and I can't wait to see what the Lord wants to do in this stage of my life.  I think it's important to think "outside of the box" of our own ideas of how life "should be" and ask God how He wants to direct our lives.  He has Great and wonderful things to show us, if we simply ask and obey His calling.


Ok, this is DOUBLE love!  Little Minnie is becoming a family member and it's about time for her to go back to her family!  Boohoo...  We have all enjoyed this little girly and I think we have established ourselves as Auntie and Uncle and need to claim weekend visits in the future!! hahaha

The other thing that I am loving is this devotional!  So good.  "Coffee for Your Heart" by Holley Gerth.  My dear friend Heather and I are going through this together once a week.  It's not only a great devotional to go through with a friend, it's really great to have that honest time with a friend to talk about the Lord and our lives and stretch each other in our faith.  I would highly recommend getting this book, finding a friend, getting some coffee and going through this together!


Here's just one page in the book that I found inspiring!  Jesus paid the price for our sins, yet I think we can still be so stuck on them or still see ourselves as what we "aren't."  But Jesus LOVES us so much and has SO much for us!  So don't let your insecurities or failures hold you back ladies... Let your heart be OPEN to the possibilities that the Lord has for you!  

John 10:10 says: "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly."

Read that last part over again.  Jesus came so that we may have LIFE and an ABUNDANT Life!  Don't forget that.  LIVE that.


Oh, I love this dog too... She hasn't been in the best of moods lately!  hahaha

I've never seen a dog be jealous, but oh boy is she ever!  So she will be happy to see Minnie go and get back the rule of the home very soon... 

I'll leave you with one more "love" for this day:


This place.  You know I love Italy... but Venice stole my heart this summer.  By the way, this photo was taken on my iPhone in the morning light, no filter needed.

I've been to Venice several times and at different times of the year, but this quick little family trip to show Isabella Venice just got to me!  So much so that I am really wanting to take YOU there!  So look for another Art & Faith Creative Retreat coming soon... It will still be in beautiful Bellagio, Italy but I will be adding Venice to the end of the trip for those who would like to go with me to Venice as well!  If you would like to be added to the INTEREST LIST for the Bellagio & Venice Art & Faith Creative Retreat you can send me a message via the Contact page up at the top of this website.  

Have a GREAT Tuesday!!