UPDATE:  Sorry for the confusion, the date for this WORKSHOP is Sept. 16, 2017.  (I had mistakenly put 2018... but it is for next month!)

Hi everyone!  

I am thrilled to announce my Bible Journaling Workshop... COMING SOON!



I know it's been a while since I taught a class here stateside, but I've had so many local people asking me to do it again... so I'm excited to teach again, and I hope YOU can join us!

I've linked up the class on the REGISTRATION page so you can sign up and join us in Temecula, California on:

Saturday, September 15th


I will be sharing my story and teaching the fundamentals of Bible Journaling:

~ How to get started

~ What supplies work best

~ The inspiration to get going

~ The reasons to dig deeper

We will work on three pages throughout the day, and along with a great time of CREATIVE inspiration, we will enjoy a meal together and time to gather and talk about what the Lord is doing in our lives.

There will also be a FUN "Make-n-Take" that will be a mini version of this beautiful succulent planter I saw last weekend at Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach:


Isn't that Beautiful!  I fell in LOVE and want to see if we can re-create a mini version.  So we will be spending some time out in my backyard creating a succulent planter.  So, I would love for you to join me from 10am - 4pm on Saturday, September 16th.  All the details and what to bring will be on the Registration Page.  Just click on the SIGN UP button at the top of this website and then click on the REGISTRATION Page.  You will see the photo of my Bible Journaling and you can sign up and pay and you'll be all set to go.  I will then send you an email with further details and we'll see you soon!

Now the story I mentioned earlier that I wanted to share...


(That was breakfast this morning... warm Blueberry Coffee cake. :)

So I'm reading a new book... "Chase the Lion" and yes, you guessed it... It's another Mark Batterson book!  If you know me, I LOVE his books and this is the continuation from the last book I was reading.  But it digs deeper.

Well I was reading it last night and one of the first things he was talking about was BIG dreams.  God sized dreams... and having courage to "chase the lion."  How YOUR own dreams and destiny are more intricately interwoven with others than you realize.  Uh... I know that is true!  My dream of having Creative Retreats in Italy and around the globe has shown me how much our little dreams can become something SO MUCH BIGGER when we place them in God's hands.  How He uses them to touch others and inspire others.  How a God sized DREAM will be beyond our abilities, beyond our resources.  Unless God does it, it can't be done!  And that is precisely how God gets the glory.  We can't take credit for them.

Well I stopped there and wrote two emails.  Things that have been on my heart and in the early planning stages... but are scary.  Not only those two emails scare me, but BIG changes we are praying over scare me.  Big prayers over where the Lord wants us, are we supposed to move somewhere else, where is the Lord leading my Creative Retreats...  I feel Him stirring our whole family and it's AMAZING and SCARY all at the same time!

Then this morning I looked at the "verse of the day" on the YouVersion app and it was Deuteronomy 31:8 "It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”

Ok Lord. I see you...

Then I go to my bible to find the verse and find this:



What?  I don't even remember stamping this in my bible?!  I'm sure I did, but it must have been a year ago?  I don't know.  And why didn't I finish the page?  Just left it with the word COURAGE under the bible verse from today...

Ok Lord... what's up.  

THEN... I read my other devotional from Our Daily Bread and the main verse for that is:

John 15:16 "I chose you & appointed you so that you might GO and bear fruit - fruit that will last."

OK, Tears flowing...

People please listen, He knows our heart.  He speaks to us through His Word and He WANTS/DESIRES to do things THROUGH US!  He wants to show us and if (key word here) we are WILLING... He's going to blow our minds with what HE can do!! I know this to be true, over and over again.

That's not the end of the story here though.

After I was done crying, writing in my journal and praying I opened my email up.

You guessed it...

I got a response from BOTH emails.

Rebecca and I are headed to France for a GOD SIZED ministry opportunity!  I don't even understand it yet, but we are walking through that door and we said YES to God.

The Lord is working and showing us what He wants our Art & Faith Creative Retreats to look like, and it's our prayer that He shows us the where, the what and the how to serve Him through it.  And we KNOW He will!

The other email I will share another time.  That involves the WHOLE family and it's a HUGE deal for all of us.  We feel the Lord moving and we are dreaming BIG.

I would love to share more with you on what the Lord is doing in our lives and what He wants to do in YOURS.  I hope you will join me in September for a great time of Bible Journaling, fellowship with other women and a fun time being CREATIVE.  Remember you can sign up NOW under the Registration Page.

Have a GREAT day,


Here are a couple quotes I'll leave you with from Chase the Lion by Mark Batterson:

"May you discover your God-sized dreams...and have the courage to chase them."

"God honors big dreams because big dreams honor God."