I posted this photo a couple weeks ago and told you that I'd share more about this Bible Journaling page and then I forgot.  So on this Love, Tuesday let me share a little about what inspired this page.


First off, can we take a moment and talk about the beautiful setting this is?  I'm at Jeanne Oliver's house in this photo and I was enjoying her gorgeous view and doing my morning devotions on our road trip through Colorado.  It was a real treat to spend time with her and her family and to enjoy time on their beautiful land.


Are we living radically different lives from the world?

That's the question that smacked me in the face a few weeks ago while I was reading the @ourdailybread devotional. Romans 12:2 says to not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind... So what is our example to look to?? Yes, Jesus. He modeled the Father to us, and we have the Holy Spirit in us to help us model Christ to this world.


I know it's not easy, it's going against the culture of the day or even (dare I say... )maybe the traditions of the church. To be radical in our love for others, to go against what the world says is cool or acceptable.  It's seeking to share His love with a broken world. It's sharing the JOY we have in him with the person next to us at the store, or across the ocean.  Getting out of our comfort zone (our little bubble we live in) to go to the places we don't feel so safe in.


It's radical... and I want to be all in!

The green "sea glass" is actually a piece of glass from Lake Como... in the shape of a HEART! It's been such an incredible journey to see where the Lord is taking our Art & Faith Creative Retreats and having Rebecca feel the Lord lead her to step into it as we are praying BIG prayers over where He wants us to GO, is so amazing!  Yesterday as we had our "mommy & me" day before she heads off to college we hiked Torrey Pines State Reserve and just talked and about what the Lord is leading us to do... and even though it's scary and "radical"... we know He is in it.


This page was inspired by that devotional from Our Daily Bread and by my dear friend Jeanne Oliver who taught such beautiful classes in Italy this summer at the Art & Faith Creative Retreat in Bellagio. She has taught with me three times now in Bellagio and every time it's over I just can't imagine her not coming back again. I even hosted HER own, very first, Living Studio in Bellagio back in 2014.  So you will probably see Jeanne back in Bellagio one of these years... because I just adore her and I know she has such a God given talent to teach and inspire others!

But if you don't want to wait for another Art & Faith CR in Italy, then I highly recommend taking one of her workshops in her Living Studio in Colorado.  The picture at the top of this post is her studio and let me tell you... it is INSPIRING!  I want to take a class there!  We got to visit her a few weeks ago and going into the studio was just...in one word, LOVELY.  I wanted to go through and look at each nook and cranny because it is just filled up with all of her love and passion for art. You can feel it and it's a beautiful thing to see how it all came together for her.  So if you ever get the chance, go to a workshop there! (and maybe I'll be at one with you :)


It was a blessing to be there, to sit out on her gorgeous patio, look out at the amazing Colorado mountain view from her home and I have to say it really put a stirring in my heart to be out in God's amazing "Big Sky" country again. (even her furry friends wanted to come outside and enjoy the view... haha) 

I've lived in California my whole life, but spent most of my summers growing up and exploring in the Rocky Mountain states.  It left a deep impression on me and I feel like it's pulling at me now in some way.  So maybe the Lord is going to do something radically different in our lives... from the "world" we are used to here in California.  Maybe He is shifting our focus somewhere else... right where He wants us to be??  If you follow my blog then you know I've talked about the 40 Day Prayer Challenge that Lance and I did back in January & February.  One of those BIG prayers was that if the Lord wanted us to move, He would show us.  Well after this summer I have felt Him moving in MY heart, but I've asked the Lord to move in Lance's heart separately.  So that I would know that it's not just my longing to move out of California, but the Lord putting it on both of our hearts.  It's crazy... and radical... and it's goes against every reason why we SHOULD stay here!  But if He wants to do something through our lives, then we need to be open to it, right?   

So I'm thankful for this summer, I'm so thankful for the beautiful people the Lord has put in my life through these Creative Retreats that HE designed for me to do... and my hearts desire is to do what these verses in the bible journaling page above are calling us to do:

Romans 12: 1-3 "I appeal to you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.  Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may prove what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect."  ❤️ 

Have a beautiful Tuesday,