We are back from a very long 2 week Road Trip to Michigan and back.  If you're wondering what possessed us to do this, it was due to the fact that we came home early from Italy and our flight was supposed to be from Italy to Michigan... so coming home changed that and we thought... "why not just road trip it!"  Ya about that...Can I just say I know now why flying was invented.  ;) 

We probably won't be doing this anytime soon, but here are the highlights from our trip:

Had to get coffee to get us going...

And we're off!

We basically followed the storms all the way to Colorado.  We went through 5 states in one day!  California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and all the way to Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  We had no plans so we just drove until we couldn't drive anymore and then stopped.  I can't believe we were able to make it so far but happy that we covered so much ground in one day!  The next day we headed to our friends house to spend some time with them for a relaxed day before we were back on the road.

Colorado was so beautiful we had to stop along the way and take some photos.

This cutie fell in love with Colorado.  Last summer we went to a family reunion in Montana and she  really realized that she loves the mountains and the great outdoors...

What we ALL realized on this trip though is we LOVE Colorado!  It reminds me a lot of Montana and that's where my heart has always been with so much time I've spent there growing up.  But Colorado has a lot of that beauty AND lots of family and friends on top of that. 

Yup... that's the friends we spent time with!  We like to call friends like this  "framily"  and it was such a beautiful time spent with them!

If you follow Jeanne on IG or FB you know what a beautiful artist she is and how she has such a wonderful touch with styling her home.  It was a joy to get to see it in person and see what an amazing place they have and it was an honor that they opened up their home to us.  

We even got to stay in this darling room that was just finished the day before with that gorgeous wallpaper!  They had just had a photo shoot of their home the day before we came so it was amazing to see the house and it's easy to see why it's going to be in a magazine.  What's funny is as we saw this wallpaper it reminded me of another one I've seen in the past and I couldn't remember where... until I was shopping in downtown Holland the following week and went into my FAV store there... Spring Sweet and upstairs is a Bridal Boutique with this wallpaper on it:

Isn't this a gorgeous place to shop for your wedding dress??  But it also looks so similar to Maddy's wallpaper, just a giant version of it.

They took us around exploring their land and seeing all the beauty of this part of Colorado.  That night we had dinner, sat out on their patio, played a great game and just had a blast.

These cuties were checking out the view the next morning when I woke up... wishing they could go outside and sit on the patio. hahaha  I would too if I lived here.

And I felt very blessed that I did get to spend a little time out on that patio with God and his beauty.  I'll share more photos of this bible journaling page later... it was actually inspired by Jeanne's class in Italy!

And then we all took a hike through their neighborhood that morning.  Love this family so much,  and it's great to find people who like to do the same things and have so many things in common! So wish we lived closer to each other.

Then we got to go antique shopping at some of Jeanne's favorite shops!  I could have bought SO much...

Is this foot stool not the cutest?

These kids.  It was such a blessing that Jeanne was able to take her whole family to Italy this summer and these people had so much fun in Italy together, and then bonded even more on this trip.  How could you not fall in love with Ben... aka "Slim Squeezy" and he even matched with Rebecca that day!

Jeanne and I just can't seem to get a selfie by ourselves... but it's ok when you have such cute humans behind you... :)

But then it was off to Nebraska and Iowa and Illinois and Indiana and then FINALLY Michigan... whew.  What were we in for??

The next night we were able to visit more friends along the way!  Our friend Lora and her three daughters live in Nebraska and were so sweet to invite us to stay with them.  I can't forget to talk about Ed.  This guy was so lovable... and how cute is he on this vintage chair in their home?

Lora was amazing and made this beautiful cheesecake for us.  OH MY Word was it good!!

And can we talk about this beautiful bed I got to sleep in?  It was sooooo comfy!

Each morning it was so hard to leave our friends.  We wish we had many more hours to just chat and play with cuties like Ed...

Here's Lora and I on her front porch.  Her house was the most adorable historical home I've been in.  She has the kind of house I would want if I lived in a town with these historical houses.  So great to get to see friends all over the country and get a peek into their lives and homes.  I am beyond blessed to have so many connections with people around this world through my retreats. I wish I could go to each city and visit each person that has been to Italy with me!

Then it was back in the car and onto Michigan... well I wish that was the case.  We actually got in the car at Lora's and the car wouldn't start!  After a couple minutes it finally did but the control panel didn't work and it was kind of scary so we called to find a dealership in Nebraska and found one about 2 hours away so we headed straight there.  In fact they even told me not to stop the car in case it wouldn't start so we coasted into the dealership with 5 miles of gas left!  But we were very blessed to actually find a dealership that was on our path and they were able to find the problem and could fix it while we were in Michigan.  We had to rent a car but I think it wasn't even 2 hours and we were back on the road with a rental and on our way.  We needed to get to Michigan by Sunday afternoon for the SERVE week to start and that was Saturday afternoon.  So we drove straight to Holland and got there about 2:30am on Sunday morning.  It was only by the grace of God that we were able to have everything work out  (i.e. find a dealership, find a car rental place, find super nice people who helped us) and get there on time!

So a few hours of sleep and we were up and ready to go to my brother's church.  It is a new church for him so we really wanted to see it and spend some time before SERVE started that afternoon with him.

Ty is a Youth Pastor and had worked for many years a different church in Holland.  This church is in a town about 30 minutes away from Holland and he's been working here for a little over a year I think.  But this is the youth building at the church and he got to show us around and see where he works.  It was a joy to see him back at what is definitely his calling.

Ty and I don't get a lot of time together since we live so far away from each other.  But he is such a great brother and has such a heart for people... especially the youth.  It's a joy to get to come here just about every summer and spend this time with him and his family!

I'll share more next time of the SERVE week that we have come for each year, and more photos of our trip home...

Hope you LOVE your Tuesday...