It's been a while... I know.  

I've been busy getting ready for my Italy retreat that is in a few weeks and haven't had a chance to blog.  I totally miss it and wish there were more hours in the day...

But I HAD to come on here for Love, Tuesday this week because I have something I truly LOVE to talk about...


Rebecca graduated from High School!!

We are so proud of her and all that she has accomplished.  This is the girl that from the VERY first day of Kindergarten came home from school and wanted to sit at the kitchen table and do her homework.  The girl that wanted to be involved in everything she could.  The girl that worked her butt off to get all A's on her report card from Kindergarten to her Senior year!!  That is pretty incredible when you consider her science teacher in High School had never given an A to ANYONE!  So needless to say... graduating from High School was a huge deal for her (and us) and we were so excited to watch her finally have that joy of finishing well.

This girl is off to new adventures and we are so extremely excited to see where the Lord directs her path.  She will be attending a Bible College in the Fall and even though many well established colleges tried to woo her, she felt the Lord calling her heart to go to a Bible College first.  It's been a journey for this girl over the last year or two and I know she has grown so much through the things the Lord has allowed in her life to bring her right where she needs to be.  I am in awe of her strength, her love for others and her joy, regardless of circumstances.  That's HUGE and something we as women don't usually learn until we are much older!  

I am excited to say that she is feeling the Lord calling her to also help me in my ministry of Art & Faith Creative Retreats!!  So ladies, those that have met her on these adventures.... she's not going anywhere... she will still be alongside me on this journey!  We are praying BIG prayers over our retreats and know the Lord is moving and showing us things for the future that we will get to share with YOU!  

For one of her graduation presents I gave her my first journaling bible.  Here's what I wrote about it on IG this morning:


Our middle daughter graduated from High School last Friday and it was such a beautiful culmination of many years of hard work and dedication on her part. We are so blessed by her spirit and excited to see what the Lord has in store for her! I gave her my very first journaling bible as a gift that night. I started this journey close to three years ago and I am totally changed because of it. My relationship with Jesus has been transformed, my understanding of His Word has grown, my love of art & faith has converged and my heart is so overwhelmed with a desire to know more. That's what we pray for, for our children, right? So I don't want to wait until I'm gone to pass on these special treasures to them!! So many of these verses I've journaled and painted and learned from are verses I looked up because of her. Because of my love for her and wanting to teach her in the ways she should go... This page in Proverbs 16 was a work in progress actually for many months. I would come back many times and just not feel finished with it...Until the day of her graduation. It just felt right to finish it that day and it was actually that day that I finally decided to give the Bible to her. As she goes off to Bible College this is my pray... Commit your plans to the Lord and He will establish them! He has BIG plans for you Rebecca and I know as scary and exciting as that are open to them, and that makes my heart SO joyful! 💕 #journalingbible #journalingmyfaith#biblejournaling #proverbs16#illustratedfaith

So join me in congratulating this girl...I know she would love any prayers for guidance and direction for her future!

I hope you are enjoying this season of graduations and congratulations to YOUR graduate if you have one as well!

Hugs to all,