Yes, Italy and France are beautiful... and I will continue to do retreats there as long as the Lord allows.  But I feel that it is time to do some closer to home.  I want to bring the same time and attention, and beautiful detail to restoring women's hearts and souls here in America as I do in Europe.  

This is a ministry I feel the Lord has given me to help women be refreshed and renewed in Him.  To be able to take time out of our crazy, busy lives to hear the voice of the Lord showing us how to BE STILL and KNOW that He is God and loves us right where we are.

So, with that in mind...

I know I had mentioned an Art & Faith Creative Retreat coming in the Fall a while back.  I wanted to let you know that it is still in the works and I just met with a friend yesterday to go over some of the details!  I should have all the details about the event within a couple weeks and will have it on here to SIGN UP before June. ( I can't believe that is just next month?? Is this year go by lightening speed for you too?)

This "mini" Art & Faith Creative Retreat will be in my part of the world... Southern California!  We live in a beautiful area that is in a wine region less than an hour away from San Diego and Orange County.  It's a great place "in the middle" that allows me to show you some really beautiful places, while also being able to relax and have time to be creative and do art in our Bibles.  Of course their will be great conversations over meals together and also time to be by yourself to spend time in prayer and the Word of God.  And... I couldn't have you come all the way to Southern California and not take you out to explore and do a little shopping... so there will be some time for that as well!

I am so excited to see what the Lord does through this first retreat here in California, and I hope you will join me on this new adventure!

If you are interested in joining me, please send me your contact information via the CONTACT page at the top of this website.  I will put you on the Interest list and get the information to you via email once I have all the details wrapped up.

Have a GREAT day everyone!





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