I am SO excited to share the video of Dany & Victoria's wedding!  We finally got it yesterday and it was so beautiful to relive it!  It made me cry... of course... but not just because it's our daughter. Because it was such a beautiful testimony to their love of the Lord and their waiting on Him.

We also got the wedding photos from the photographer, so here are some of my favorites! How do you decide your favorites among hundreds and hundreds of photos?  I want to frame each and every one!  :)


Victoria's grandma cut up her wedding dress so that each granddaughter could have a piece!  So Victoria had the florist (who by the way she worked for in the past and is AMAZINGLY talented and we are SO thankful for all the beautiful flowers) wrap it around her bridal bouquet! <3

They wanted to have their first communion as a married couple together during the ceremony.

Grandma (my mom) wanted to have all her grand babies with her in a photo!

Love this photo... almost 28 years together and we still got the LOVE!  

Girl got the bouquet!  Now just wait a while... we don't need another wedding for a long time! :)

If you'll remember Massimo was going to do all the desserts but because of his emergency was unable to.  So Dany's family from Italy stepped in and helped so much, making all the cannoli, tiramisu and little pies... but Rebecca made the "naked cake" that you see here!

I hope you enjoyed these photos and the video!  We feel so blessed that the Lord brought these two together and it gives us so much hope for the future... and for our other two daughters to find their soulmates!  We pray for these two to always put God first in their marriage and seek direction from Him.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!




P.S.  The photographer's who took these beautiful photos travel all over the world.  You can check out Sanford Creative here.

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