I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!  Here's some photos and a little video as some of you have asked me to do.  Beware... I'm NOT experienced in this age of technology so it's a VERY amateur video. ;)

Art Documented Art Journal:


This time of year I'm usually teaching a "December Daily" class or making one for myself.  I love the concept that was created by Ali Edwards years ago and I have many December Daily albums filled with great Christmas memories.  I love recording our memories and am thankful I took the time to write down our "history" for our kids and grandkids to look at years from now.  The time I have to do this is so limited now that I haven't really had the chance to keep up with it and then I feel bad that I have half finished albums...

So what I HAVE fallen in love with over the last couple years is the Traveler's Notebook idea.  That has become where I record my thoughts, document our trips and journal my devotional time.  Here's one that I made before Rebecca and I went to Paris this past Spring:


Inside the Traveler's Notebook are these blank booklets that you write in and when you're done with one you can add another or take that one out and add another.  I love the idea of this because then I'm just storing these small notebooks instead of making a new album each time. This one I collaged a bunch on vintage and mixed-media papers so I could write, draw, paint and add photos.  I'll try to post pictures of some of the finished pages next week.


I've also become passionate about Bible Journaling!  So I do spend time painting in my bible and I found this little travel bible (by Zondervan but it's out of print) that I take with me on trips as well.  I love that it's blank on one side and I can paint or journal very easily when I'm on a trip with just this Traveler's Notebook and my Bible.

But getting back to the Art Document Journal...

This art journal is 6x12 and maybe a little bigger than what I normally take on the go, but it will be my art journal for the while and I LOVE that it's just a hodgepodge of random things I want to create art on.  When I go on trips I'll pack this, my bible, my Traveler's Notebook and some art supplies all in a tote bag and I'm good to go!


Here's a look into the random pages inside.

And here's a little video on how I made it.  Please realize I DO. NOT. DO. VIDEOS.... I really don't.  I hate my recorded voice and I'm such an amateur it's ridiculous...

But so many people asked me about this journal, so here goes:

Have a GREAT day!