The last couple weeks I've shared with you some of my CREATIVE friends and what they are doing.  I thought I would share another friend today that has started a new business not too long ago making beautiful custom wood signs!

Blue4designs is my friend Erin DeRusha's business.  She has been a friend since Rebecca was in 3rd GRAGE because she was her teacher that year... and she remains her FAV teacher for life!  We have been friends ever since and Rebecca and Erin have a special bond that I just love to watch grow as Rebecca has grown up.  It was great to see that bond at Rebecca's High School graduation, and over the summer when Erin and her husband joined us in Italy to help us with our retreats!  What a fun week with them in Italy...


I asked Erin to do a little "Make-n-take" for our retreat and here she is where some of her wood signs during our classes:


Here's a few more examples of some of her signs.  


I asked Erin to make this stencil for me for the ladies in France that I taught a class with this past October.  She made this right before she left for Vegas and she was actually in the devestating shooting in Las Vegas that weekend.  Little did she know this verse would mean so much to her a few days later.  We are SO thankful that she and her sisters were all safe!


You can follow Erin on Instagram at:  Blue4designs

or you can email her directly at:  to get your very OWN custom sign!

So go check out her IG or her Facebook Page (Blue4designs) and say Hi!



I'll be sharing a few things this week that I've been learning from the new Mark Batterson book "Whisper" and a great message we heard on Ephesians 6 last Sunday.   Good stuff and I love thinking on it and then sharing it with others... 

Oh, I also created a Art Journal that I posted on IG but had so many requests for a process video. Well, I'm not the best at those... so I will share some photos later this week if anyone wants to make one!



Have a GREAT Tuesday,