Before the next two days get filled up with lots of food, family and fellowship, I wanted to say Merry Christmas and let you know how very thankful I am for all of you!!  I know you have many choices on where you can spend your time on the Internet, and the fact that you choose to come here and read my blog, or sign up for a retreat or simply say Hi and connect here... that means SO much to me!  So THANK YOU!

I hope you feel the presence of Christ in your life and know how much He wants to be a part of each and every day, not just at Christmas.  I found this beautiful poem that speaks to this and I wanted to share it here:


Here are a few pictures of us and our extended family from Italy at the beach.  We love when we get the time to be together and with so many changes next year... I will treasure every moment we have together as a family right now.


We don't get photos taken very often with the whole family and I'm so glad we did here at the beach since we won't be living by the beach much longer.


Here we are with Dany's parents and his brother and sister-in-law and their new baby June!


Love this man...


No, Rebecca did not have a baby... hahaha  This is baby June and she LOVES Rebecca!


Littlest isn't so little anymore... and she wants to cut her hair off!

Well, I pray you all have a wonderful Christmas and many blessings as we start a New Year!  We will be taking some time off to spend with our family, to plan for our move to Colorado and to get ready for a new vision for our website and faith based retreats!

Hugs to all,