I have some AMAZING creative friends!  When you get to do what I do and host CREATIVES in Italy... you get to see all kinds of inspiration.

So today for Love, Tuesday I wanted to highlight one of those creative friends that is doing some amazing things.


Stephanie Ackerman.  This girl... not only is she creative, but she is FUNNY.  I wish I could be funny like her.  I LOVE to laugh, but I just can't come up with the stuff she does.  This girl has been in the scrapbook/mixed-media industry with me for many, many years.  She may pre-date me actually.  We would run into each other at the CDA shows and say Hi and then go about our lives.  It wasn't until a few times of that, that we actually got deeper and found we had so much more in common.  I think we are the same age and when we friended each other on FB years ago we noticed we had a mutual friend from our childhood days!  How cool.  But what I love most is that her heart is so REAL.  She is open and honest and I just love that and am thankful for that.

So this girl is doing some GREAT things.  She has taken her love of the Lord and her love of being creative and blended them into a business called Documented Faith.  Her style of art is so easy to recognize if you are ever on Pinterest or surfing Instagram.  


Everyone LOVES her style.  So she has just had her art journaling published in a new book called "Faith Journaling For the Inspired Artist"  and it's a GREAT book to have, so go check it out via the link above.


She gives you all kinds of techniques to use in your art or bible journaling and gives you great advice on how to draw closer to Jesus.


Stephanie has taught twice with me at my retreats in Italy and I'm sure that won't be the last time you will see her at one of my retreats...

Go find her on IG @stephanieackerman1 and say Hi!

Next Love, Tuesday I think I will continue this series and highlight another CREATIVE friend.

Hope you enjoy your day!