Looking over my photos from this year I've noticed a theme.  I take a lot of photos of paths!  What I'm realizing is that it's so fitting for this year because we are truly seeing that the Lord has us on a NEW path and we did NOT expect it.  More on that later...

Here's just some of the paths we have been on in 2017 and you're welcome to scroll right on by, or you can indulge my nostalgia.  :)

This beach path was taken on New Years Day... Looking into colleges for Rebecca lead us to this beautiful beach path in Santa Barbara.  She didn't follow this path because she clearly felt the Lord calling her in a different direction and we are so thrilled she listened to that "still, small voice" that was speaking to her.


This really cool city street path lead us to one of the cutest little cafe's in all of Paris when we went to Paris in the Springtime!  What a beautiful time of year to explore one of our favorite cities.


Old cathedral walkways are beautiful and bittersweet to me... This was a beautiful pathway in Mont-Saint Michel in France that we toured and even though is was beautiful, it was a bit sad to see it as just a tourist destination and not really a place of worship anymore.


This gorgeous path below was in Bruges, Belgium and Rebecca and I had a glorious day this past spring biking through here.  We are SO excited to do this again next summer with the ladies coming to our Paris & Belgium retreat!   We also got to explore many paths in Belgium on a horse-drawn carriage and wander down the beautiful streets that we can't wait to come back to. 


This girl got to walk another new path... and have a photo shoot in Paris for her Senior photos taken on these picturesque paths!  That was a beautiful surprise and a really special day for both of us.


Some of the paths we took this year lead us to new places and some lead us to places we used to live!  It was so fun to go back to Orange County in May with our friends from church and spend a weekend in Newport Beach.  We will treasure these times with our families because we know we are all taking different paths soon...

Because sometimes paths will lead you away from people.


And some pathways will lead you to new people in your lives.  Getting to finally meet Jeanne's whole family this summer and spend time with them was such a treasure and we are so grateful to have had this special time in Bellagio with them!  


This pathway in Venice was just MAGICAL.  Isabella was so enchanted with this city and it was so much fun to see a place through someone else's eyes.  I feel this way about Bellagio when we see the look of wonder on peoples faces when they see it for the first time.  It is such a joy to get to experience that again and again.


Isabella was so in love with Venice.  This "path" or Ponte dell'Accademia Bridge has one of the most stunning views of the Grand Canal.  I'm so glad we took the time to take Isabella to Venice this past summer and give her a chance to see this beautiful "floating city."  I know we will be back and find new paths to explore in this amazing place.

Sometimes we take unexpected paths in life and they lead to big changes...


We would have never thought that taking a road trip from California to Michigan this past summer would change the trajectory of our lives... but it has.


This beach on Lake Michigan was a quiet spot for me to spend time thinking about what the Lord was stirring in my heart on that road trip.  I believe He wants us to take those times to "Be still" and listen.  So much of our lives we are busy WITH life and we forget to listen to what He has FOR our lives?  This road trip was THAT time for me... and it changed the path we are on now.


We came home from that road trip and felt a stirring.  If you read my blog post below "Go out in Faith" you know what I'm talking about.  This guy on the path below is one amazing man.  He was able to listen to what the Lord was showing me, believe that the Lord was working in our lives, pray to be lead as well and then move on what we both felt the Lord was calling us to do.  I think he'll find new paths to take with that Harley wherever we live...


We had a few other paths to head down this year...  Like a trip to Colorado where we actually put an offer on 35 acres of land!  Then an anniversary trip back to where we honeymooned in New England.  And then a trip back to France for Rebecca and I to teach and work... It's been a quite a busy year, if you couldn't tell already! hahaha


And then Italy... that path just has our hearts. We just got back and I'll be sharing photos from that trip tomorrow on my Love, Tuesday post.  

I'll never tire of walking the beautiful pathways in Italy.  I hope to be an 80 year old lady walking these paths hand in hand with Lance. 

Some pathways, no matter how many times you have been on that path, are so special and have such a place of HOME that they can be visited over and over again...


And then some pathways BECOME your NEW home...


It's OFFICIAL... As of today, we are land owners in Colorado!  We can't quite believe it yet, but we are stepping out in faith and praying about what that is supposed to look like for our future.  I continue to be AMAZED at how God works things out and look to Him to guide us on this new path we are on.  Thank you again for all your support and kind comments on here and via email and social media!  We are so grateful and pray that the Lord will just shine in all of this.

The last few days as it lead up to our closing on the land the bible verses for each day were about God building your house, then the next day... God providing for your land and then today was about paths... 

I gain understanding from your precepts; therefore I hate every wrong path. Psalm 119:104

I LOVE how things become clear and He speaks to us through His Word.

And, I don't know about you... but I don't want to be on the WRONG path.  I think I was on the wrong path for far too long in my life.  The safe, lukewarm path... I'm sad that that is true, but my husband can attest to it.  The wrong path doesn't have to look horrible and scary and ugly... it can just be a little off from the RIGHT path, to be the WRONG path.  

I am so thankful that the Lord got me back on HIS path and I'll be honest... this new path is scary!  But I am hopeful and excited to see where He leads us.

Think about the paths you have gone down this year... or the last few years.  Would you say you are on the right path?

If not... seek the Lord in prayer to show you how to get there.  Because He has a pretty scary, but awesome path for you too!  It's about having a little Faith and Trust... and being ALL IN for the PATH that leads to eternal JOY.

What path are you taking?