Are you READY?  Is this YOUR Year??  So excited to ANNOUNCE next years retreat, but here's a little behind the scenes:

The story is this...

I get a text from these two crazy girls (ok women but really they're two crazy girls, lol) who "say" they aren't trying to twist my arm but their text goes something like this...

"Hey friend... You know you have to have us back to teach again right??"

Well, they had me at HEY..

You see these "crazy" girls are Jeanne Oliver and Stephanie Ackerman!  And when I felt the Lord leading me to start FAITH based retreats they were the first two girls that the Lord put on my heart to ask.  So last summer when I had my first Art & Faith Creative Retreat in my beloved Bellagio, Italy these two were by my side and I couldn't have been happier about that!

I love these girls with all my heart.  Stephanie and Jeanne didn't even know each other until this retreat!  I think they bonded in about 10 seconds.  Seriously;  same humor, same love for life and you couldn't help but see the love of the Lord they both have rooted deeply in their hearts.  It was almost intimidating for me to step into there instant chemistry...  Oh, but I did barge in there :P And what started as just a prayer to the Lord a few years earlier became one the greatest weeks of my life!  Not kidding.

I will tell more stories about that week later, but I want to get you EXCITED about having the opportunity to come JOIN US next summer!

This week is going to be another GOD inspired week in the most beautiful setting you can imagine!  Just ask some of the ladies who have been.  They don't want to leave...

So I ask that you prayerfully consider joining us next June in Bellagio, Italy for a week of renewing your faith, resting in Him and rejoicing with others who want to creatively express their love for the Lord.

Details will be coming soon right here on THIS website!  I will be adding the price and information on the SIGN UP page at the top of this website shortly.  You will have up to August 1st to think and pray about it, and then hopefully feel lead to join us!

SIGN UP'S will be LIVE on AUGUST 1st at 9am PST.

So stay tuned for more information and you are always welcome to email me via the CONTACT PAGE above if you have any questions.

Have a GREAT day and I hope to meet you in Italy next Summer!