I think the jet lag fairy has finally found someone else to bother... Thank goodness!

How's everyone's summer going?  We are in the middle of it now and it's the time of year I start thinking about the future school year, what we need to do still, sports are starting up soon and the days are starting to number themselves for us.  I really don't like that... and I don't like that I do this mental countdown to the end of summer.   But after I woke up this morning (really late, hallelujah) and read the Blessings or Lessons devotional from last months Illustrated Faith box,  I was really convicted.  Chapter 1 was titled "Human Connections" and it made me wonder how many "human" connections I have versus "social media" connections?  How much time am I spending with the humans in my life versus the time spent on my iPhone looking at other's lives.

Something to think about as we start this week off...

But looking back to the amazing time we had in Italy this past month WITH the people I love, I have thousands of photos to share and I have the hard task of narrowing it down to just sharing enough to not make you want to gouge your eyes out looking at this long post!  lol  If you followed along on IG or FB you may have seen some of these photos already but here is a photo tour from the last month spent with family, friends and new friends we made from my Creative Retreat.  

Here's a look at Week 1:

The weather is quite unpredictable on the lake and if you look at the weather app on your phone you are going to wonder if the sun ever shines!  The truth is that because of the way the lake is formed and the mountains surrounding the lake there are a lot of small thunderstorms that come up during the summer.  But that does NOT mean there are not beautiful sunny days on the lake!  I remember a few years ago my mom called me from home and was so sad for us that we were having bad weather from what she could see on the weather channel.  Well, we were AT the pool when she called and it was funny to us because every day even though it showed a thundercloud we were enjoying beautiful weather with lots of sun!  It just so happens that was exactly the case this summer as well.  The night we arrived there was rain and thunder but it cleared to the most beautiful day the next morning and we spent hours just walking around the town, saying hi to so many people and enjoying the beautiful blue skies!

Guess who came to visit us??!! We were so excited to finally see Victoria and Dany!  They have been serving in Austria at the conference center our church runs in a beautiful castle.  It is long hours and hard work for them though so this was a great break for them to come and enjoy a few days off with us on the lake.  Victoria turned 22 on the day they arrived so we had a fun night enjoying our favorite people at our favorite place!

We spent one of the days taking the ferry over to Varenna and walking around the lake and having lunch at Cafe Varenna.  One of our favorite places to each by the lakefront.  It's so beautiful in Varenna!

Another day we had our annual "boat day" where we rent our own boat and explore the lake and have lunch at our favorite spot for a peaceful lunch.  We love seeing the beauty this lake has in such abundance and enjoying a day to ourselves.  It was a fun time with Dany and Victoria and to be able to see it through Dany's eyes as this was his first time on Lake Como.  Lunch was amazing, as usual, and Lance enjoyed "his" peach sorbet that he waits for all year!  (I say "his" because he stole mine when he saw how much was in my bowl vs. his... hahaha)

Spend a beautiful night back in Bellagio at Hotel Florence for dinner.  We have come to find some of the best places to eat and enjoy a meal by the lake and this is definitely one of them!  

Even with some of the rain and clouds that kept us inside for part of this week, we were still able to take long walks, explore some of the other hamlets of Bellagio and get to to pool a few times.  The gardens of the hotel and Villa Melzi were in FULL bloom and it was beautiful to see all around town.

I think the skies were crying along with Dany & Victoria when they had to go back to work...

We were so blessed to have that time together and I know it won't be the last time they come back to Lake Como with us!  Lord willing we will be able to enjoy many family trips back here with our kids and their families as they grow.  

We had a couple days to spend relaxing just the four of us before some friends of ours joined us for a week.  I'll share that week with you next time...

Have a GREAT day!  I am preparing to ANNOUNCE next year's Art & Faith Creative Retreat THIS WEEK!  

So check back from all the details and when SIGN UPS will be on sale for the 2017 retreats!