Zero days until SUMMER!!  School is out, Summer is here and we officially have a Senior in High School and a Seventh grader!  Rebecca was honored to be a part of the Junior Honor Guard at graduation last night and it was a weird feeling to think we would be in that same room a year from now with HER walking down the aisle to the next step in her future.  Oh please let the next year go by slowly...

But,  it's been too LONG time since we have all been together as a family and we are counting the days until we see Dany & Victoria in Italy soon!!  

So much is going on in our house right now with school ending and getting ready for my retreats in Italy this summer.  This is going to be a big summer for us with lots of changes and we are excited to see where the Lord leads us in the second half of the year.  You probably will see less posts from me as we get ready to head over to Italy soon.  Although I have one last post that's been on my mind to share and hopefully I can find the time to do that before we leave...

Now I will try to post from Italy so if you want to check back now and then I will be sharing photos from our time in Italy and my retreat.  We have some time with just the family, then we have some family friends coming that we have known for years and then my Art & Faith Creative Retreat will wrap up our time there until Rebecca and I head back for another Art & Faith CR in September.  

If you are still thinking of joining us in September when Shanna Noel and Junelle Jacobsen will be teaching with us, there is still time!  I need to get more apartments though so please email me or contact me through the Contact button at the top of this site and let me know so I can make sure there is enough space.  I can only have about 24 people for the weeklong event and we are at 21 as of right now.  It's going to be an AMAZING week and the weather is so beautiful at that time of year in Bellagio so I hope to see you there!

Have a GREAT weekend!!