Just a quick PRICE ALERT!

If you are thinking about joining us in Italy this September or are signed up and don't have your flights booked yet...  NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME TO BOOK THEM!

I usually check the flight prices on Tuesdays (the best day to book airline tickets) and was BLOWN AWAY at the prices.  So much so in fact that I got two tickets for my daughter and I for the price of ONE!

British Airways and American Airlines are having a HUGE sale!  Last week the prices were around $1400-1500 per ticket.  I got each of our tickets for $767 ROUND TRIP!  That is unheard of!

I booked through Orbitz so if you are planning on joining us I would highly recommend you check out those tickets and book ASAP!  I don't even know if those prices will last until tomorrow... 

Good luck and let me know if you book them!