Dreaming and planning and falling in love with Paris all over again!

That is what I have been doing lately...

Last year was my very 1st Creative Retreat in Paris, France and we had such a beautiful week together strolling the streets, enjoying the cafes, enjoying a photo tour of the city and of course seeing the sights!  My retreats aren't about going from one museum to the next or rushing from one sight to the next though...

I want you to FEEL Paris.  I want you to take the time to sit and watch the city.  

I have been to Paris is every season and I love them all.  But planning for next year I want to give YOU a chance to have a say in the time of year you would like to go with me!

After my first Creative Retreat in Paris I said I would try to do one every other year.  Well folks, that means 2017 is the next one!  I've been talking with the hotel apartment I like to stay in and we have a few options...

We have early Summer or Mid Fall as the best choices.  I know everyone talks about the beautiful Spring time and it is... if you catch it on a perfect week!  I've been there a couple times in the Spring and it's COLD and it RAINS, a lot.   And my handy dandy event helper (a.k.a. Rebecca) will be a Senior in HS at that time and I think it would easier to do this after she graduates.

So, if you'd like to send me a comment via the CONTACT Page above, or leave a comment down below on this post, that would be GREAT!

I am going to start an INTEREST LIST for those who would like to find out more about this trip.  If you've already emailed me about this trip, then you are ON the list already.

Here are a few more pictures to get you ready for an INCREDIBLE week in Paris, France in 2017!

Oh, we also go outside of the city for a few fun day trips and I may add a extension to Brugge, Belgium!

Have a GREAT Tuesday everyone!