I hope everyone had a great weekend.  We had a pretty relaxed weekend.   My hubby had a fun Saturday on "Record Store Day" (he's slightly obsessed with vinyl records again) Here's a picture of Lance and Dany last year when we went to a flea market in Paris.  Love that these guys have this in common.  I seriously don't know WHO loves music more... they both pretty much LIVE for music!

We also had such great weather this weekend we decided to BBQ some steaks he got from a friend.  Supposedly these steaks are from some world famous place in San Francisco called Fred's Steaks and Lance went all the way to Palm Springs to pick them up from a friend.  This guy is serious about his steaks...  they were GREAT though!  

The next two days I can't eat ANYTHING so I guess I'll just dream about the food we enjoyed.

Yes I indulged a bit this weekend... can you blame me? But Lance had this AMAZING bundt cake from the office and it just would have been a shame to let it go to waste... :P  If you have a "Nothing But Bundt Cakes" by you, I seriously recommend the Marble Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting!  

This girl was SO hoping for a bite of ANYTHING...

Toady I wanted to share a bible App that I've recently downloaded onto my iPhone.  It's the Holy Bible App by YouVersion.  I have other Bible Apps like Faithlife, SheReadsTruth and another bible app.  But the one that is by YouVersion is my favorite!  Not only does it give you access to the full bible in any version you want, it has devotional plans, a daily bible verse and you can take notes and connect with friends as well.  I've done a few of the reading plans (devotionals series) and I've really enjoyed them.  There are many different topics to pick from and I highly recommend this App.  Here's a "Verse Image" that I created in the app with my photos and their daily bible verse.  I shared this one on my @akissonthechic IG account yesterday:

John 14:21 "He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him.”  Jesus wants to be in your life, to show you His amazing love and grace, but He isn't begging to do so. It has always been and will always be YOUR choice. If you step back from that choice, He will as well, that is what FREE WILL is. But if you want to know Him and ask Him to show you if He is real... He will ALWAYS answer you and manifest (reveal) himself TO YOU!  I pray on this Sunday you will feel the joy and love He wants to shower upon you. Happy Sunday everyone!

After church we usually have a pretty relaxed day with the family at home and it gives me some time to bible journal.  I wanted to do a bible page from yesterdays church service because it helps me to remember what it was about and I get to be creative in the process. :)

We're in Matthew 8 & 9 right now and it's where Jesus is doing lots of miracles.  It's such a great part of the bible because it shows us His life and words and His interaction with the people in those days.  Amazing to see some of the things He said and did, and how the people reacted to it.  The Lord's love and authority was always displayed and seen by those who came in contact with Him.  What I learned from this passage today was how He was (and is) more concerned about our Eternal health then our physical health.  I should know that already, but this just reminded me that even IN the miracles He preformed he always wanted them to be eternally changed.  He used those Healing Miracles to show them (and us) that He can CHANGE US in BOTH areas of our lives.  But our greatest need is to be FORGIVEN.  After that, He wants us to be MOVED and CHANGED.  I hope that you are changed because of His love for you and you will be moved to share it with others!

I am have a minor surgery tomorrow and will probably not be on here much this week.  I would love any prayers for a quick and easy procedure and that we can finally get some answers to why I'm having so many stomach pains.  Thanks! 

Have a GREAT week,