Hi everyone!  

Loving THIS Tuesday and I really want to say THANK YOU to all the new people who have come to my website to check out my Creative Retreats!  I started these destination retreats in 2012 and this year marks my 5th year bringing people to beautiful Bellagio, Italy and Paris, France.  There may be more locations in the future but this DREAM JOB really started from a passion for Italy and wanting to bring my love of CREATIVE ART and ITALY together.

2016 is going to be another incredible year and will actually be TWICE as great because I am hosting TWO Creative Retreats in Italy this year!

Most of you have come to check out the Creative Retreat this June with Cori Spieker - The Reset Girl.  If you are new here, then check out the blog post below this, you will find out all the information (and NEW PRICE) on our retreat this June.  Thank you for being excited about this week and signing up!  For those who are still thinking about this weeklong event, there are two apartments left so send me an email soon if you are trying to get together a group to go!  I've had a LOT of interest in this retreat so I have emailed another accommodation in town that I use, to see if they have any extra apartments.  I can only have a certain amount of people each week because of the space limitations in a small Italian village like Bellagio.  But... I have always said that I will make it work if you are feeling lead to join us, so just give me a heads up if you are still thinking about this so I can plan on how many extra apartments I may need to reserve. (you can email me or leave a message under the contact page above.

For those who ARE signed up and coming to the retreat in June, Cori and I have added a faith element to the retreat and I know her life story will inspire all of you!  I will be teaching a travel journal class as well as sharing some bible journaling with everyone.  Cori will be teaching three classes based off of her Planner business.  I'm so excited about all 3 of her classes, but  "The Faithful Planner Girl" workshop looks like such an inspirational class... I can't WAIT to take it!

I also wanted to let you know about the Art & Faith Creative Retreat in September!  This is in the same beautiful location of Bellagio, but with a faith element to the week that is really life changing.  Last year was the first year that I started this kind of Creative Retreat and it was such a blessing to share a week in Italy with people of faith!  All different people from around the world came and not only did we enjoy ART together,  it was an open and honest setting where we were able to share in a deeper way because of our faith connection.  It truly was an incredible week talking about the GIFTS God gives us and how He wants us to use them (and gifts is plural... as in we are given more then one gift!)  It made me realize going forward that I want my retreats to be more then just a beautiful week in a beautiful setting... I want you to enjoy a week that you've learned more about yourself, you've grown deeper in your relationship with the Lord and you leave with the motivation to bring these knew truths to your life back home!  

So please check out the Art & Faith Creative Retreat this September in Bellagio!  The teachers for this week with me are Shanna Noel of Illustrated Faith and Junelle Jacobsen from Yes and Amen. If you don't already know these two talented ladies, I really think you should click on their names above and go check them out.  They are true gifts from God and have such a love for people and the Lord, it shows in everything they do.  This year Shanna will be sharing her testimony and how she got into Bible Journaling.  I know her classes will be life changing as she shows us how to grow deeper in the Word through this art form.  Junelle is an amazing artist in so many ways!  I can't wait for her classes as well and for her to share her heart with us as well!  She is an incredible water color artist and her beautiful artwork is something I aspire to learn!  I am SO honored to have both of them teaching with me and I can tell you, this week is going to be really AMAZING!  

September is also the perfect time to come to Bellagio and Lake Como!  The weather is still warm but starting to change into the beautiful Fall colors on the lake.  The crowds have gone home and you get to experience this place like a local.  And since I know most of the locals... you will really feel like you've stepped back in time to the Italy in your dreams!  

Again, this retreat is almost sold out and I have checked to see how many other apartments I can get for this week as well.  I know with all my heart that the Lord is in this week and I want anyone and everyone who is feeling called to be there, to come!  So please email me or message me above and let me know if you are thinking of joining us.  I want to make sure I have enough room for everyone who wants to be there and I know the Lord will work it all out for you to come!

I hope you enjoyed all the fun photo collages I put together.  Most of these dreamy photos were taken by the talented Cathy Walters who joined me on my 1st Art & Faith Creative Retreat this past summer.  I am SO thankful to her for capturing a glimpse into my retreats in such a beautiful way!  This is just a sampling of the week we spend together and the fun I have sharing this gorgeous place with every person who comes on my retreats.  It truly is a JOY to show you all the places and the people I have fallen in love with on Lake Como!  

I hope to see you in Italy this summer!

Hugs to all,

Laura McCollough