This morning I have so much hope!

 Yes,  I voted for Trump. You may not agree with me on this decision... and that is ok.

I understand that this has probably been the most divided election we have experienced in our lifetime. Our country has been divided for quite some time and it is hard to watch.  Yes, our two options were far from perfect, but I'm not perfect either and we all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.  You may disagree with me that this is a beautiful day, but please know that we can come together and work to change this division in our Nation. There has much been said about our next President that just simply is not true. My husband and I looked at what the news "told us" about him and then we also did our own research and looked at what wasn't shown.  We are not the only people who made an educated decision to vote for Trump.  And please believe this... We are not the racist, homophobe, hate-filled people the media would like to portray conservatives who voted for Trump are!   I am saddened by the way the media's "job" has been to destroy who you are against these days...  Please don't believe everything you hear.  

I have heard a lot of horrible things being said today.  I am a Conservative Christian.   My values are based on a biblical view.  Work hard, do unto others as you would have done to yourself, show love, grace and kindness...  Don't we try to teach that to our children?

Therefore, what I believe is how I vote.  It is not racist to want to vet people who are coming into our nation from countries that sponsor terrorism and filled with people who want to kill us. It's not racist to address the problem we have of the unchecked illegal aliens flowing in from Mexico. It is not evil to want to stop the killing of unborn children. It is not unfair to want to teach your children that if they work hard in school, get an education and work hard in life they will succeed and not have to give half or more of what they earn to the government and to healthcare expenses.  We pray for our Nation.  We pray our Nation will humble themselves and the Lord will bless this Nation and give us a revival.

Yesterday morning I was praying and thinking about the election and trying to not be anxious so I decided to do this bible journaling page: 

2 Chronicles 7:14 "if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land." 

So what's with all the hate for Trump?  From every corner... left, right and everywhere in between. Well, he is a businessman.  He is not a politician and this is very important to remember.  Think about how much corruption there is in the government...  on BOTH sides of the aisle!  Then it makes sense to me that EVERYONE in power did not want a Trump Presidency.  There is so much push back on him from the "establishment" because he is REAL.  He is not bought. He is not phony. He is for the AMERICAN worker, not the elites.  What he says (sometimes rude as it was) is what he means.  You don't know how much good he has done over the years because he didn't need the accolades that come from the public.  There are so many untold stories of how much he had done for charities, for his employees, for our country... that is not ever talked about in the news.  I think of the man who was homeless and Trump gave him a job off the streets... and gave him 5 suits and told him "Welcome to the family".  Take a few minutes to listen to this video:

Trump is a businessman who can help our country be successful and find a path out of the debt we are in.  I think of the value of hard work we are trying to teach our children and how this man has shown how to work hard and be successful.  He is a father whose grown children exemplify respectful adults.  Have you heard of his children having any scandals, huge ego's or mouthing off like so many "Hollywood elites"?? He has surrounded himself with incredible people of faith in Mike Pense and Dr. Ben Carson and others.  Who have all said it is time for a revival in this Nation! That our country needs Jesus! Amen to that!

He wants to unite every American.  Every American.  I think of his desire to help Veterans, help the inner cities, help the "forgotten people" in our country!  That is his true desire, there was no agenda in his voice last night.

So let me ask you this... does God use imperfect people to do great things?  I would say Yes! In this instance, Trump is that imperfect person who is putting others' needs before his own. He didn't have to run.  But his heart truly is to help America become great again. 

Here is a quote from my friend Jamie who said it so perfectly this morning:

"I am saddened that our country was so stuck on keeping the stronghold of internal power that they used fear as a tool to divide. He never said he hates anyone. He said he wanted to protect Americans first. He never said only white Americans. All Americans. He had many supporters of all walks of life who supported him. If America is strong the world is stronger. His views may be different but I do not believe they are stemmed from hate."

Yes, Trump has said and done things I can totally disagree with.  We all have said things we wish we hadn't, and we all have made mistakes. But I strongly believe Trump has had a change of heart and is a changed man.  Look at how he has held himself in the last month.  Look at who he has in his close circle:  Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, Dr. Ben Carson and a Vice President who is a strong believer and outspoken about his faith in Jesus Christ!

I have heard two stories of Trump coming to a saving faith in Christ recently.  Even the news talked last night about a change they have seen in him over the last month that seems like he has had a change of heart.  That is such GREAT news if that is true!!

I believe the Lord has propped him up for this position as the 45th President of the United States.   I believe the Lord uses messed up, mistake filled people to show His glory and His power will always win. (Think David)

So please join me and pray for this man.  Pray for every American.  Pray for our country to come together! We are a Nation founded on God and freedom.  Let's make the next 4 years about hope in God and a revival in this country to make America GREAT! 


I will leave you with this...

"Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
    but we trust in the name of the Lord our God." Psalm 20:7

Yes, we can hope and pray for good things to come of this election... but ultimately our hope is not in a President, but in our God! 

Hugs to ALL,


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