Hi everyone!

I know we are into November a few days, but I wanted to post this beautiful Bible Verse Writing Plan my friend Heather gave me. (Thanks Heather!!)  I needed to find a better copy of it before I could post it,  so that is why I am a few days late...  But its not to late to start! 

This is a beautiful thing to keep our minds on as we head into a very busy season...


I am a not doing anything too fancy with this, it is just a great morning routine I am getting into after my devotions and really it can take less them 10 minutes to do. Or you can get fancy and do special lettering and drawings...  I'm writing in a traveler's notebook so I can add this to one of my leather bound notebooks and continue this each year.   My first day I just used my normal handwriting and added a quick pumpkin.  But I really love how it feels to focus on GRATITUDE!

I hope this blesses you and you draw closer to the Lord through a heart of Thankfulness!

Hugs to all,