Yes I know I live in So. Cal and I cannot complain about the beautiful weather...  I do love the sun!  But my favorite season is Autumn and we just don't get much of it here.  I guess I need to make a trip out to the New England states again because I LOVE seeing the change of seasons at this time of year.

But we did get a chance to do a few "Fallesque" things this weekend...

It was the last weekend for the Peltzer Pumpkin Patch.  I know, I know...  we are last minute on this but better late than never, right?  

Such a cute photo bomber... ;)

My dream "car" has always been an old Ford Truck.  Not quite this run down... (red with wood siding would be perfect) but we loved seeing this and had to take photos in front of it!

They're not too old for this right?? I am not giving up this tradition girls...

We also went to a wine "Pick-up" party at our friends winery in town.  It's a fun afternoon of great Italian food, (they also own Gourmet Italia Restaurant in town) fun wine tasting and chatting with friends and then you also pick up your shipment of two bottles of wine and a bottle of their olive oil.  Such a great idea Alex has going here.

I hope you all had a GREAT weekend as well!  I am looking forward to this week and I have a couple blog posts in the works... one is on being a LIGHT in the World and where that comes from and the other blog post is on DATING.  Yes, I am way past the dating years but have three daughters and they have lots of friends and I get asked a lot of questions about this theme from them and other mothers.  So I thought I would dig a little deeper into both subjects this week!

Have a SAFE and FUN Halloween everyone!



Here's a bible journaling page I did last year in the Fall...  Anyone doing a November Grateful plan?  I'm thinking of  jumping in and starting one tomorrow!  How about you??