Picked randomly by this cutie...

#1 - Lynn P

#2 - Paula Duey

#3 - Debra F.


Please email me if you are one of the winners!  

I will need to know which prize you want:

1. Journaling Bible

2. Illustrated Faith "Fruits of the Spirit" Kit from our classes in Italy

3. Traveler's Notebook Travel Kit from my class in Italy

I will also need to know your address where I can send the GIVEAWAY!!

And THANK YOU to all the other people who left such great comments!!  I am going to read through each one and send you a little note back... I just realized how to do this literally TODAY.... hahahaha

I will also have MORE Giveaways soon and you are ALWAYS welcome to come share this space with me as I blog about life and the journey we are all on to live our lives for Him!

Be BLESSED this weekend!

Hugs to all,


P.S.  If there is a topic you'd like ME to talk about let me know, I am totally open to sharing my thoughts on just about anything!  :)