Love is in the AIR... and so for this "Love, Tuesday" I wanted to share a love story... 


As I posted last week, Victoria and Dany are getting married!  We are so happy for them and feel so blessed to have such an amazing young man come into Victoria's life.  Dany has such a heart for the Lord and with Victoria will be going into full time ministry after they get married.  They are praying for guidance and for the Lord to show them where they will serve after their marriage and we are so excited to see where He leads them! 

This has been a long distance relationship for them from the very beginning (She was in Italy and he was in California when they started "Face-time" dating... lol) But I want to share a bit about their love story because to me, it's one of the BEST and such a beautiful picture of how much God loves us and wants the BEST for us.

We always tease Victoria that WE dated Dany before she did!  :)  When Dany started pursuing her (more on that later) her told her that he wanted to meet us too.  He felt it was very important to get to know her family as well, so we had him over for dinner, went to the movies with him and just got to know him and his heart.  He was interning at the Bible College here while she was away doing a semester abroad with the same college.  So back and forth they have gone their entire relationship.  She came back home after that semester and they had the summer together, then he had to go back to Italy.  Then she went to Italy last Christmas and then we all met last Spring in Paris.  Then she came home and graduated and then we all went to Italy this summer and got go visit him and his family in Austria.  Then he finally came back here in December.  Now he will be going back and she will follow him later.  Then they'll both come back for the wedding and will finally be together in the same place!  hahaha  

In all seriousness though, their relationship has been the most Godly example to so many people that know them. They have trusted in the Lord to show them the way, every STEP of the way and it's been so beautiful to watch as parents and for my daughters to see it as well.  I know this is such a blessing for my younger daughters to see what it looks like to have a young man love the Lord with all his heart and put Him first, no matter what.  To see him praying and asking for direction and waiting on the Lord until he knew for SURE the Lord was telling him "now is the time".   Isn't that what we want for all of our children?  A Christ centered relationship and eventual marriage?  To know so strongly that the Lord brought two people together that He designed to be together...

Many of you may know about their love story... because I love telling it!  hahaha  But if you don't and you are waiting for the "right one" to come along...  Read this, and TRUST that the Lord will do the same for you!  You see, Victoria never dated, never kissed a guy, nothing.  Oh she liked guys, text guys, talked to guys... but never dated or had a relationship.  She always knew with all her heart that the Lord would bring the right one along and she would know!  (Even when her mom was telling her she was crazy and needed to "date" to find out what she wanted...)  We actually had kind of an argument just a WEEK before things started with Dany and I told her this exact thing... and that the Lord wasn't going to "drop some guy into her lap" and she needed to go out there and date!  But guess what... the Lord did!  She believed with all her heart that every time she liked a guy the Lord closed the door and nothing ever materialized BECAUSE He was going to make it CLEAR to her that there was someone specifically He had for her and she would know it when it happened!  And guess what... she was RIGHT!

It wasn't even a week after she arrived in Italy for her semester abroad that she was face timing her best friend and low and behold.. Dany would pop his head into their conversation and say HI. (her best friend was still at the bible college where Dany was interning so they'd be in the coffee house together)  Then one night he asked if HE could PLEASE have her number so THEY could Face time. (so cute and such manners... most guys just say "hey, text me sometime if you like..." )  I think it wasn't even a couple weeks after that that he asked to "Pursue her heart, unto marriage!"  I'm not kidding... Who does that anymore?  I still remember being at Macy's trying on clothes when she called me from Italy SCREAMING!  She couldn't even compose herself enough to tell me for a bit...  Of course she did tell me the story and that she said YES and that started a long courtship and lots of phone calls, text messages, face timing and constant communication in this technological age. :)

They have been blessed to be able to see each other quite often, for living so far away from each other.  That we have a heart for Italy and travel there a lot has helped for sure!  But what I love the most is that they both trusted in the Lord and waited on the Lord through this whole process.  It's been almost two years for them and through it all I know their FAITH grew, their PATIENCE grew and their LOVE grew.  And isn't that what the Lord wants for us?  To GROW US, to teach us in every circumstance that He loves us SO much and we just need to TRUST and BELIEVE that He's go this.  TRULY believe that He does.   

Dany has been here with his family since December 3rd now.  They were out here in California for Dany's brothers wedding.  His brother married a girl from here too... imagine that!  Totally different story but such a beautiful couple as well and we were thrilled to be a part of that wedding on December 12.   So I can't say enough how this has been THE BEST Christmas!!  With a wedding and all the family here, two Italian Chefs staying at our house, an engagement that we got to be a part of, and lots and lots of food!  (don't even want to get back on the scale any time soon...) But a total JOY to have this family in our home and get to know WHY Dany is such an amazing young man.  It's a LOT to do with his wonderful parents who also LOVE each other and love the Lord so much!  They are also full time in them ministry serving in Austria at the Calvary Chapel Conference Center as the chefs! Such a beautiful couple and the whole family was such a blessing to get to know.   We are already sad thinking about them leaving soon...

But sadly, they need to go back to Austria where they are serving.  So since Dany's mom is here now I really thought it would be nice for her to come with us to look at dresses!  (She has two boys and no girls...)  So today we all went and we really didn't think Victoria would find "THE DRESS" on the first look, BUT she did!!!  It is such a gorgeous and elegant dress that perfectly fits her personality!  I wish I could show you... but you will have to wait!  :)  The wedding date isn't set yet, but they are looking at a Fall or Christmas wedding...

So 2016 will be another exciting year for them and for us helping to plan the wedding!  We are looking forward to bringing Dany into our family and bringing our families together to share in this love story.  Thank you for letting me tell you this story.  Trust that if you are waiting on the Lord for that right one... God truly loves you and will bring you the desires of your heart.  It's not always in our timing but always in the RIGHT timing.

Hugs to all,


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