Hi ladies!

I wanted to do a blog post to update everyone on this years Creative Retreats.  I've made some big changes to the classes and retreat in June and thought I'd share what we are doing this summer with all of you!  

These are all changes that we have prayerfully considered and everyone feels a total peace about going forward.  I've talked with everyone involved and we are so excited to share what we are offering and I hope you will be too!

As most of you know, last year was my first Art & Faith Creative Retreat. I've hosted many Creative Retreats in Italy (and France) but this last June was my first where  we said "Art & Faith Collided"...  It was such an AWE INSPIRING week that it's hard to even explain how great it was!  I remember during that week telling some of the ladies "This is all I want to do from now on..."


To have a week that like minded women can come together and have a safe place to just talk and share about their lives and feel connected... and to feel pampered in one of the most beautiful places in Italy. It's incredible, and I want that for EVERYONE!  I want my Creative Retreats to be more then just a week in a beautiful place,  making beautiful things.  I want you to be changed.  I want everyone to grow and to learn, I want you to have your hearts filled up, I want you to see that you just made lifelong friends with the other ladies in this amazing location... and most of all, I want you to feel SO BLESSED.

So going forward this year I really felt the Lord putting in on my heart to bring this to the June Creative Retreat.  I know June was supposed to be just a "Planner Girl" week...  and that would have been fine.  But I feel like after last years Art & Faith retreat I should have kept with what I said and felt in my heart.  

So I am.

Sometimes you just have to listen to that small voice nudging you... (well you should probably always listen... hahaha)

With that being said... Now for the week of June 25 - July 2nd I am SO excited to tell you about the classes that Cori Spieker (of The Reset Girl) is teaching!  You can click on the SIGN UP button at the top of the website and click on TEACHERS & CLASSES to see an in depth description, but I wanted to give you some highlights here...

As you know if you follow Cori, she is a believer and has had a BIG "RESET" in her life and it's a big part of her business.  I wanted her to really share that with the ladies coming and help all of us with evaluating our lives and where we are.  That's ALWAYS a good thing!  So I am THRILLED that she is bringing this part of her to her classes and sharing it with us during our week together. Here's just a sample of 2 of the 3 classes she will be teaching:

Planning with Purpose: Are you ready to Reset Your Life? This amazing workshop is your first step towards your incredible transformation. First, you will learn what it means to build a foundation for resetting your life by first learning how to build a healthy relationship with yourself, learn how to truly understand yourself, and begin to show yourself love and kindness. Then, you will explore how to encourage yourself through setting strong goals. You will end the class with building a customized planner to help achieve your complete life reset.

The Faithful Planner Girl Workshop: Are you ready to take a walk deeper in your Christian faith? Take this faith-building course and learn to set up a custom planner for bible study, journaling, faith & vision building, affirmations, and note taking. You will create dividers and tabs TRG style. Inspiration will be provided to you for building a planner and developing a vision for your spiritual walk. 

Cori will share examples of bible journaling in a planner for those who don’t wish to use the bible for their art as well as numerous ways to use the scripture cards provided. Be encouraged to journal, create, and be all you can be, while listening to worship music, enjoying refreshments, and being uplifted.  Cori will share some of her testimony and the many stumbles on her own walk along with the many triumphs. Leave this class with a deeper understanding of your personal faith journey as well as a creative way to document your individual faith. 

Don't these sound like AMAZING classes to be a part of?!  I will also be teaching and sharing with you my life story and how I started this DREAM JOB and also how I got into Bible Journaling a couple years ago.  Throughout the week we will have time for getting deeper into the word through devotional time and bible journaling.  I will also be teaching a Travel Journal class at the beginning of the week that you will be able to keep your thoughts in throughout our time together, as well as your travel ephemera and photos.  And for those interested in watercolor art, there are two wonderful local teachers that teach painting classes and I would love to offer a class in watercolor as well if enough students are interested~


Sounds exciting, right?

I hope you will consider joining us for this week.  Oh... another BIG change is the PRICE for the weeklong event!  I've lowered the price for this week since it will be just Cori and myself teaching and accommodations are 3 to an apartment now.  (If you want private accommodations or 2 to a room, that is still available... just email me for pricing on that)  I just know with past experience that the ladies have had such a great time and the apartments are plenty big enough for 3 ladies so why not offer a better price break for that.  My heart has always been for the people who are feeling lead to come, to be able to come!  My pray is ALWAYS that the Lord would bring those who need to be there.  Even when I didn't have the space for anyone else and was "sold out" I knew that if there was someone who needed to be there, there would be room for them.  And there always is!  That's what's so awesome when you give it to the Lord and ask Him to show you what He wants things to look like.  Then you know for sure you are doing what is right and you are right where you need to be.

Well, I know it's a lot to "change up"  but I know it's the right decision and the direction I feel the Lord was leading me.  I hope you will consider joining Cori and I for this week filled with lots of FUN and PURPOSE. 


Feel free to email me if you have any questions or need help planning your trip with us!

Have a GREAT day everyone, and I can't WAIT to meet you... in ITALY this summer!

Hugs to all,