Hey everyone!  Hope your having a GREAT Monday!  The weather here in So. Cal is not really "Fall" weather yet, but I am choosing to believe it IS!!  

We've been making Fall recipes like pumpkin bread and this amazing Italian Tortellini Soup Victoria made last night for dinner!  It was the BOMB.COM!!!  (yes I just said that... :P )

I decorated for Fall WAY early this year but we were hoping that would help the weather along... we're already planning a BIG Thanksgiving at our house too!  This weekend I was inspired by Fall to create this Bible Journaling Page in Philemon.  Paul talks about being thankful for the people there and for PRAYING for them as they share their faith with other people in their area.  It reminded me to think about those who I know who are sharing there faith all over the globe.  I need to praying for them and thanking God for them WAY more, because I AM so thankful for them!  Having my 1st Art & Faith Creative Retreat in Italy this past July also opened up my eyes to what a small group of people who come together and share their love of the Lord can do!  We grew so close so fast and I am so GRATEFUL for each on of those ladies, and I look forward to what the Lord will do next year when I host my 2nd Art & Faith retreat there!

So, this page was really easy to do and I thought I would share a quick Tutorial on it for anyone who might be interested.

First, I found this page of printable fall leaves on Pinterest:

I printed it out on my computer and then I roughly cut around the leaves so they would be individual ones and easier to place on my bible page.  BEFORE I traced these into my bible I wanted to stamp the Grateful stamp on the page.  I found this one at Michaels but it had "moments" under the word Grateful, so I simply covered that word up before I stamped it.

Then I took one of the leave prints and placed it BEHIND the bible page and traced it onto the page.  I did this with all leaves I wanted to use until I was happy with the placement.

After those were all in my bible,  I prepared my bible with Gesso and let it dry.  This is always an important part of the process if you plan to paint in your bible!  After that was dry, I took some Winston & Newton acrylic flow paints and painted the leaves.  Since my leaves weren't over any scripture I could have used other acrylics, but when I am covering the words of the bible, I like to use either watercolors, light spray inks or these paints... that way the scripture isn't covered up. (made that mistake a time or two...)

After the leaves were painted and dry, I went back with a Gelato " crayon" by Faber-Castell and made a little watercolor wash over the whole page.  LOVE Gelato's and they are GREAT on the bible pages because they are so light and will not cover the scripture!

Pretty much after all of that was done there was just the little stickers and fun stuff to add to the page and then going back and "scribbling" with my pen to add some fun around the edges of the leaves and page.  

The stickers are from Illustrated Faith and October Afternoon are the dimensional hearts.  The added clothes pin is from "Recollections" at Michaels I think.

So there's my quick tutorial.  I hope you like it and it inspires YOU to create in your bible!  This new "art form" or create way to worship Gods Word has really given this  creative soul a way to draw closer to His word and in turn become closer to Him!  I am SO beyond GRATEFUL for that and for the people who have inspired me with this expression of love in our bible!

I HIGHLY recommend reading the book "Writing in the Margins" by Lisa Nichols Hickman!  It is such a great way to learn about journaling in the MARGINS and gives you the freedom to see how much it can help you grow in your love of the Lord!

Have a GREAT day!!



P.S.  If you want to find out more or SIGN UP for next years Art & Faith Creative Retreat in Italy, it will be held at the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio, Italy on September 10 - 17, 2016.  You can find out all the details under the SIGN UP button on the top of this website!  Would love to see you there next year, when the weather is GORGEOUS and the Fall IS really FALL!  :)

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