Are you ready for a GREAT giveaway??!

I LOVE doing RAK's (random acts of kindness) and if you followed me on my old blog that I think is started in 2008(wow, that was a long time ago...) I did RAK's quite often.  I had my "A Kiss on the Chic Kit Club" back in those days and it was a fun thing to give away some cute products!

Well, now that my main job (A.k.a. DREAM JOB) is my Creative Retreats it's harder to do giveaways.  I can't really give away a $3,500 retreat...  I WISH I could, but honestly I price my events as low as I possibly can because I want everyone to have the opportunity to go!  You see I did not start this business really AS a business.  It was a labor of love because I LOVE this part of Italy and I want to share it with as many people as possible!  So I want you to know that.  My husband says as long as I don't loose money, he doesn't care if I make money...  Just do what you love and it will all work out!  (what a great hubby I have, right?!)  Truly though, if you ask former students they will tell you that they just can't believe how much they get for the price!  

But even still... I know there are some that can't afford this trip.  I wish it was something everyone could do, but I know getting the chance to go all the way to Italy is just a dream for some people.


I want to HELP that DREAM if I can!

Yes, this Giveaway is HUGE!  I'm giving one person a chance to attend a Creative Retreat of their choice next year for $500 off!  AND, since there is an "Early Bird Special" until August 15th, I will even apply THAT discount as well if they sign up before that date!  

Are you excited now??

There are also 4 chances to WIN other goodies!   The teachers are being very generous and also giving away some prizes with me!!  Here's just one example from Shanna Noel:


So here is what you need to do:

1. Leave a comment on THIS blog post and tell me WHICH Creative Retreat you want your discount to go towards, and why you would love to go to that one!

2. Go to my @creativeretreats Instagram account and find my post with the above picture of Italy, and follow those instructions!  This gives you 2 chances to win!  I will be pooling ALL entries and picking ONE Grand Prize Winner of the $500 discount and FOUR Winners for the other prizes!

So HAVE FUN!  Go find me on Instagram and follow the instructions on there and I will be back on HERE and IG NEXT FRIDAY, August 14th to announce all the WINNERS!!

Good luck everyone!

Hugs to all,



The fine print:

No cash prizes and no prizes can be changed. You can only enter once on the blog and once on my IG.  Contest ends at Noon PST on August 14th and winner will be announce afterward.  Winners will be chosen at random.  The Grand Prize WILL apply to anyone who has already signed up or will sign up for a 2016 Creative Retreat.  If you enter and your name is drawn, I will deduct the $500 from your balance due.