Look at this image from my friend Cathy Walters... she was the photographer for this years Art & Faith Creative Retreat!  Doesn't this just make you DREAM about being in Italy??  You can't image how excited I am to see all the photos she took... I think she said over 7,000 photos in all!  

I think this one was taken at one of the restaurants we went to.  The owner is a friend of mine AND the Top Chef of Italy!  Really!  He has a TV show and he's been on Top Chef Italy a few time and he lives in Bellagio.  He's this young guy named Luigi who actually got his restaurant from his parents at the age of 18!  He's an amazing chef who wears about 10 hats... He's your chauffeur TO his restaurant, he explains his menu and takes your order, he prepares it (with a staff of course) and then checks to see if you are liking everything, he prepares the bill, and then he takes you back to your hotel!  Oh and he has cooking classes during the day!  He is one BUSY man, but he LOVES every minute of it and will joke and laugh with you on the way back to town after dinner! Just another reason I love this little part of Italy...

So about that Giveaway...

You might want to come back on here THIS Friday to see what we've got "cooking"...  and you won't want to miss it!

See you Friday!