Hi everyone!

The Monday before school starts... and what do you do?  Try to cram in the last bits of SUMMER at the same time as getting ready FOR school.  Such mixed emotions in this house this week...

I'm one of those moms that LOVES Summer and doesn't want it to end, even to the point of contemplating home schooling each year at this time.  But I know I'm not cut out for that for my middle one who is a Junior in High School.  I think my youngest would also go NUTS if she had to listen to me try to explain things to her as well... So off to school they go.  But not before we have a big POOL PARTY tomorrow night!


So off to the grocery store to get lots of food for some hungry teenagers, and time to get the backyard ready.

But a bit of news before I go...

For all of you that have REGISTERED for one of my Creative Retreats in Italy next year, I am going to be sending out the contracts THIS week.  So when you get the contract, take some time to look it over (it's long) and feel free to email me if you have any questions.  Then you need to sign it and send it back to me via email or snail mail or fax.  The details will be in the email I send with the contract.  Then we will set up a payment plan and be on our way to a GREAT trip to Italy next year!!  I'll also be starting a Facebook Group for our events, so let me know if you are on FB and I'll add you to the group.

Have a GREAT week everyone!

Oh, I HAVE to blog about this later this week!  Have you been here before?  I'll have to post my photos from our trip a couple weeks ago to Chicago and Holland, Michigan.  It was a GREAT trip and I love getting out here each summer for a SERVICE WEEK my girls do at my brothers church.  It's a great time to see family, "do hard things" and enjoy Lake Michigan!